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  1. L

    Helle Harding *BRAND NEW* (quck sale needed)

    Sadly due to some pretty serious and ever more pressing fiscal problems, I am selling my Helle Harding. I wanted to take it out with me but I never got the chance. In terms of the actual knife itself, it's without a shadow of a doubt my favorite in my collection. I have owned a lot of knives in...
  2. D_Fisher

    Which cheap small fixed blade?

    Hi guys, I'm looking into purchasing a small fixed blade knife to keep handy when I'm out and about. It'll be used for general duties stuff; prepping tinder, cutting cord, light carving etc.. Don't have a massive budget at all. Was hoping to keep it around the £30 mark and below...
  3. kard133

    Craghoppers Basecamp trousers, £12 at Millets

    As the title says, Craghoppers Basecamp trousers £12 at Millets, online and instore, plus Gooutdoors (at least Bristol) will price-match providing the size is the same + 10%, picked up two pairs for a total of £21.60
  4. Coldfeet

    Cheap Fishing Kit - Huddersfield

    Hi all, didn't know where to post this but this seems a logical place - Mods. feel free to move. I've been thinking about getting in to fishing for a while now, and upon visiting a garden centre today, came across a load of half price gear in the sale. The garden centre is: Armitage's...
  5. G

    Practical tips for environmentally responsible and cheaper living

    Inspired (?) by this thread Living basic to save on bills I thought it would be interesting and useful to gather together some useful and practical tips. Most of the books and TV programmes on the subject seem to require you to become Tom Good with a couple of acres of land or to have a huge...
  6. Samon

    Another new knife!

    Yep, another cheap one at that! At £5.95 this heavy duty knife is pretty damn good! equal in quality to the Mora range but at a lower cost. I bought this with plans for a rehandle job around 5 weeks ago so it's techincally not new as such, but it was left unused until today. I've had a go on...
  7. unijaw

    Travel/Bushcraft Clothing Cheap!

    Hey folks! I was wondering if you had any advice to share on purchasing travel/outdoormans clothing. I'm not one to spend a lot of money on clothes and looking around all of the decent travel brands are highly expensive. So much so that it might be the most expensive part of my gear. I don't...
  8. sandsnakes

    And then sometimes you get Very Good Service

    Just a note about dealing with G&T Hunting and Outdoor. Found these guys on Ebay when looking for a breathable jacket. They got the order right, but the factory sent the wrong one. I had to return the original they were as nice as pie, by return I got a breatheable Airflex shell jacket (its a...
  9. P

    Smart phones low budget on pay as you go - any recommendations?

    I need to replace my O2 phone (not sim just phone) and would like something nice and gadgety. I would like it to take viewranger if I get spare cash I'd like to get that too. Anyway I'm desparate as I can't use my broken touch screen phone (screen brokent). Being without a mobile is hard for me...
  10. E

    Hiking compass from Lidl

    I spotted that this compass will be in Lidl from next Monday. I presume it will be what one would expect for £3.99, but is it even worth it for a back-up, or just a complete waste of money?
  11. unorthadox

    100 Sharp Objects Under £30

    Another 100 thread Firstly I would like to state I am not affiliated to any products stated in this thread, I am merely trying to round up 100 tools popular with bushcrafters that dont burn a huge hole in the wallet. Rules Must be either a knife, multitool(SAK or leatherman style), axe or...
  12. E

    Hammock Underblankets

    i am a self confessed hammockaholic and at the moment i am using a DD camping hammock and 3x3 tarp with a self inflating roll mat inbetween the layers and a 3 season sleeping bag around me. From reading through the forum here, i notice that many people use these "underblankets" and wondered...
  13. E

    good value sheath knife

    I bought a mora clipper from the Ray Mears site a few years ago now and it has served me well but when I have been sharpening it I have started to lose the flat bevel edge on it. Also I haven't had a new blade in a while. Does anyone have any suggestions of a replacement for up to approx £30...