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  • Hi, I think I met you years ago at a moot. You helped my son when he hurt himself. You're a naturopath and you wrote a little book which you sold at camp about bushcraft first aid. I did have a copy but it's vanished. I really would like another copy please.
    Many thanks and best wishes.
    You've created a monster. Ever since you told Ms. Swift about your layering system, she's been constantly on ebay trying to control the world's supply of Cashmere.
    BalckBerry group new and old users.

    We are switching to Hellomessenger.com While it is not BBM it does support photomessaging and is a cross platform solution. it will work on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone If you are an iPhone user check your permissions when loading. This platform is free but throws up adverts, if you pay $1.99 about £1.50 it will not send adds, this is a one off charge.

    Blackberry is soon to launch android comparatble upgrade software for its phones. With android there are a few sets of software that do exactly the same as BBM. who is in favour of moving the group to a android based software so we can pick up lost members who are hacked off with the problems caused by blackberry outages?

    hiya doc
    yer i am good thanks and yes i am a cheat and i am loving my new phone. and would u like my number so as you can stay in touch if so pm me thanks drew
    I just recently found this website and I think it's one of the most interesting ones dealing with outdoor pursuits. The people here really practice getting outdoors. It's like going back in time to my Boy Scout years. John Lee
    Hi Roderick,
    It's Hazel here. You treated my son Teilo last year at the bushmoot. Are you planning on coming again this year by any chance?
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