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  1. T

    Sold fjallraven canvas belt 122cm

    fjallraven canvas belt 122cm £12 posted
  2. T

    Sold OzTrail 20L Canvas Shower with Brass Rose

    OzTrail 20L Canvas Camp Shower with Brass Rose, used probably twice! £70 ONO POSTED BT please. Many thanks
  3. forestwalker

    RM canvas pouch improved copy

    It is not plagiarism if you improve it, right? I took some old canvas and a YKK no 10 zipper and made a version of the RM canvas pouch: Basically I added interior pockets: a divided one in the back and a full size on in the front. Size: 15x13x8 cm Yes, I know there is an ugly seam mistake...
  4. rg598

    Trip Report Part 3: Classic Backpacking 1/30/16 - 1/31/16

    Again, I know not everyone is interested in these trip reports, and I usually try to give you only one per month, but I’ve been writing more of them because I want to keep you updated on what I’m doing as I am trying to figure out this Classic Backpacking thing I’ve undertaken. My drive behind...
  5. J

    4m Canvas Bell Tent with chimney flashing.

    Hello, I am putting up my 4m Bell tent for sale. It's in used but good condition and comes with a flashing for a frontier stove, or similar sized stove pipe installed (Stove is NOT included.) The last time it was used was the 2014 Moot. I have since treated myself to a bigger one, and so...
  6. Le Loup

    My Blog Link For 18th Century Oilcloth & Canvas For Shelters.
  7. Angst

    Canvas bags!!! The first wave!!!

    Hi...ok, here goes....i'm actually sitting here stressing a little about all this lol...:p so...after much discussion with angela and umming and ahhhing and a whole ton of insecurity and self-doubt, i've decided to put my first load of canvas bags for sale here on BCUK...several reasons...
  8. Angst

    Canvas Bags Numbers 4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10 LOL!

    Hi...yes it's true...I'm totally the last ten days I've made about 30 bags of various sizes and have about another ten cut, ready to be worked on... here's the latest lot....the first picture shows an open-topped-shopper with 3-bar slider strap which is large enough to take a...
  9. Angst

    Canvas Bag Number 3...With Pocket & Key Hook....

    Hi...just finished this....same 15oz olive waterproof canvas...single 1.5-inch closure strap and buckle this time, but with internal pocket (before anyone says anything, yes, i know a pocket can be done simply by sewing a strip in:o) which is big enough for modern smart phones and a hook to hang...
  10. Angst

    Canvas Bag Number 2

    Hiya...finished this yesterday...same 15oz waterproof olive canvas as before...two 1-inch straps for closure and a large 2-inch wide strap with shoulder pad for carrying (stitched in at 45 degrees to make it hang nicely)...gutermann upholstery thread sewn on a singer 201-2....leather badge with...
  11. Angst

    Canvas & Leather Axe Bag's not as kool as a twodogs bush-shirt and it's not as complex as a fenna-bloke back-pack or as vast a job as a bilmo tarp, but i'm happy with my first decent project. i made this axe bag first as its something i'll use myself...i've woods just round the corner and have often wanted a...
  12. Dreadhead

    DIY Canvas & Leather pack (pic heavy!)

    I have finally finished my own canvas and leather pack :) It is a project I have had in mind for years, and just had to get it made as it was also my first sewing machine project. I had some help and guidance from my mother-in-law to make the pocket, but the rest was done by my own fair hands...
  13. Viktor

    Where to find lightweight canvas?

    Hello, I’m trying to find close-woven lightweight, 4.5 oz - 6 oz/sqyd cotton canvas, to be use for oilskin tarp but cannot find it. I know it exist but need your help to find it. Thank you for taking time to help.
  14. R

    Suitable canvas for Tepee?

    After a load of research I still feel I need a second opinion on wheter I'd be able to use the following canvas for a tepee. It's not duck canvas, but does seem to be of a suitable weight. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. As...
  15. P

    Patrol Tent Canvases for sale - BushMoot

    Patrol Tent Canvases for sale - available delivered to the BushMoot I have three ex-scout group Patrol Tent Canvases that I would like to sell. They are without poles, but it is possible to buy them online or make them if you are handy. The guy lines along the edges are included but not the...
  16. Lynx

    Canvas (Hemp?) Rucksack-Recommendations needed

    I currently use a Karrimor Sprite 10 rucksack for short hiking trips but just love the more tradtional canvas backpacks. Can anyone recommend any UK based websites where they sell a decent selection and different styles to chose from please? Something in Olive green would be ideal with plenty...
  17. Zingmo


    A while ago, I came across a fair quantity of (very) old canvas. I have been busy trying to find things to make out of it. My Tilley hat has gained so much character as it has aged, but it is blue (it was a gift) and it refuses to be water proof. This hat was inspired by Tilley and Real Deal...
  18. H

    Swedish surplus anorak pattern

    EDIT: I should also say that these anoraks are known for having tight armpits. If you make one according to this pattern, it will probably have tight armpits. This post accompanies review and <mod thread in the works>. Product: Swedish surplus anorak (AKA snow smock, snow parka, vindblus...