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  1. KatBetter

    Hello from (currently sunny) Bristol

    Hello, Just landed here and wanted to say hi! I thought of coming down to the Bushmoot this summer (not booked yet). I never been before. I am hoping to meet some fab people, learn some new skills and enjoy some woodland times. I am in Bristol and I have too many hobbies but the main theme to my...
  2. Seoras

    2019 Bushmoot Videos - Part 1

    Hi folks - been working on some short videos of the 2019 Bushmoot over the last few weeks. In no particular order here are the first 3 (have to post them on two threads) - hope you enjoy them. Bushmoot People Bushmoot Food Bushmoot Fire There are three more in the thread 2019 Bushmoot...
  3. Tony

    Autumn Moot 8-14th October 2018

    I'll get more details up soon, tickets are available HERE
  4. Dave Budd

    over too soon (pic heavy)

    Well, I got back yesterday and after a sleep am now compos enough to post up :) I got there a day or so earlier than normal and arrived on tuesday evening, just in time for the torrential rains to finish (apparently the first day or so had no let up). Set up my bedroom for the duration (a...
  5. twyforge

    New to the moot

    This year will be my first time having persuaded the family to attend the moot, and as is to be expected, I am very, very excited :p The five of us will be going, i.e. my parents, two younger siblings (11 & 8) and myself. Any advice that anyone may have would be very much appreciated, as...
  6. chas brookes

    Latest Leatherwork Commission

    a friend of mine asked me take make him a leather belt beer holder :) could be a design for the Naughty Corner
  7. Pawprints

    Some more Bushmoot Photos - Day 2

    These were on Day 2. We did paracord pouches with Elliot in the morning, cheers Elliot, and then made spiral necklaces out of electrical wire, this was an ace activity for the kids as they were capable of the steps and came away with a really nice piece of jewelry! Thanks to the guy with the...
  8. Pawprints

    Armstrong at Bushmoot 2014 - photo evidence of a superb and educational time!

    Our family extend heartfelt thanks to all who organised this year's Bushmoot and to those who generously gave their time to share their experience and knowledge with us! As you will see in the attached photos we had a fantastic time. [/URL][/IMG] Welcome to the wilderness! [/URL][/IMG]...
  9. Seoras

    Bushmoot 2013 and our Drew

    The beginning of August last year found me preparing for my annual trip to Merthyr Mawr in South Wales to attend the Bushcraft UK Bushmoot. I have written this post as a record of the classes and events at the 2013 Moot but it is in its own way a dedication to our Drew. I have been...
  10. Emdiesse

    Bushmoot 2013 - Coastal Forage

    A recap of some of the coastal life we saw and learned about courtesy of Fraser on this years Bushmoot. Prawns - Clinging upside down under rocks, with a net and no sharp movements you can catch them. Lobster - They are in little caves under the rocks. If your quiet, motionless and patient...
  11. Emdiesse

    Bushmoot 2013 - Wild Plant Walk

    A recap of some of the plants we saw and learned about courtesy of Fraser on this years Bushmoot. 1. Bramble 2. Stinging Nettle 3. Himalayan Balsam 4. Ground Ivy 5. Burdock 6. Hawthorn 7. Herb Robert 8. Self-heal 9. Sea Buckthorn 10. Greater Plantain 11. Mallow 12. Hogweed...
  12. P

    Patrol Tent Canvases for sale - BushMoot

    Patrol Tent Canvases for sale - available delivered to the BushMoot I have three ex-scout group Patrol Tent Canvases that I would like to sell. They are without poles, but it is possible to buy them online or make them if you are handy. The guy lines along the edges are included but not the...
  13. coastal survival

    Bushmoot 2012 - Dorset/Devon border after party.

    For all those who attended the 2012 Bushmoot. It was great to meet faces that I meet at last years moot again, and also the many more this year (sorry to any I didn't). Im lucky to have been given so much of my life living wild, and would like to extend my gratitude. I am always inspired...
  14. kard133

    Thanks from a Noob :)

    I would just like to say thanks to everyone I met at this years moot, for the help and advice, and the generally great atmosphere. Special thanks to: Spikey ( Squirrel stick, this man is nuts), Dave Budd, great craftsman, and a really nice guy, Tim_n (hope the Husquavarna will serve you...
  15. Nightwalker

    Bushmoot 2010 Video

    Last year I made a video whilst I was at the Bushmoot, I thought I'd share it again just to show new people what a beautiful event it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfEg1Aooi4Q I highly recommend the Bushmoot!
  16. J

    Bushcraft moot: Wanting to help out

    Hey guys on Bushcraft Uk, I'm new on here but have been practicing bushcraft for a number of years and I am an outdoor instructor for part of my work, I would love to come and share canoeing and bushcraft mixed together at the bush moot, just wondered how to go about it. I tried sending...
  17. Ahjno

    BushMoot FAQ (updated for 2013)

    Please have a look at the General BushMoot Information Thread, here • General info What is it like? When is the 2013 BushMoot? Duration B&B accomodation after the Moot Knives, axes, saws and other sharps Children? Pets? Mobile phone reception? Lost items Bushy bags (goodie bags)...
  18. Nightwalker

    Summer Bushmoot 2010 Video

    Spent a few hours today putting together a video on the Bushmoot, thought it would be nice to show newcomers what it's like and the sort of things you can get up to. Unfortunately there were workshops I didn't manage to film due to either running them or being on them, but still I think it gets...
  19. tim_n

    A big disappointment...

    that I couldn't do every single workshop or demo! Everyone made me feel really welcome - especially Mad Dave, Cap'n Badger, Troy, John & Sargey for impromptu workshops & hacking down stuff. Tony - the event was really well organised - loads to do and see and with so many different...
  20. G

    What food are you taking to the Bushmoot?

    Hi all, First post so please be kind! I'm going to the bushmoot, and wondered what food the more experienced members are taking? Anything special or unusual that you take that you tell the rest about? Thanks, Gasman