Bushmoot 2012 - Dorset/Devon border after party.

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May 6, 2010
For all those who attended the 2012 Bushmoot.

It was great to meet faces that I meet at last years moot again, and also the many more this year (sorry to any I didn't).

Im lucky to have been given so much of my life living wild, and would like to extend my gratitude.

I am always inspired when teaching people who genuinely have a desire to learn what I teach, so firstly thank you to all I was lucky enough to meet.

I have use of many locations to run my courses and would like to propose a reunion/after party at one of my woodland sites.

I will provide a meal on arrival, and the following evening demonstrate the preparation of a bucket or two of seafood, to then be cooked/smoked in several ways on and around the fire by all.

Meet Friday PM until Sunday PM.

Accommodation is self provided, hammocks or small tents etc. I will have everything else, just need your personal kit.

The location is a few miles from Axminster on the Devon/Dorset Border. Approx 1 hour from junction 25 M5.

Parking is Approx 1 mile max from camp.

There is Axminster train station near by I can pick you up from if you don't drive.

To cover costs for camping and food, £15 per night, per person would do it.

Please PM me if you want to come along.



The dates I was thinking were the last weekend of September, or first one in November.


Dec 7, 2009
Swansea Valley
Hi Fraser,
If in November..count me in!, if September..as a may be [will know in a few weeks]
PS set off early on the sat so did not have a chance to say goodbye and thank you for the chicken and chips
May 6, 2010

I reckon the 1st weekend in November would be good?, get chance to warm up on some winter outdoor living skills, before the real thing.

Just got back from the Wilderness gathering, with a target off mark, so Ill take the bow and a few other toys along.

Weather depending a trip to the coast to do a bit of coast hunting might be in order, just be good to sit around the fire under the parachute talking stuff with good folk!

Remember - If no one else can help - and if you can find me - you can hire the A-Team! :cool:


Jan 9, 2005
Surrey, UK
Thanks very much for your time and your expertise at the moot Fraser, it was the kick start in foraging that I needed. Up to this point I have always been looking at plants from an individual species point of view. I now look at plants to recognise similar characteristics to try and place them into their families and the species will eventually come as I start to repeatedly notice the plant.

Anyway, I have your book on order since I quite often frequent the coast and it'll help my coastal foraging forays. In the meantime, I have been reading some of my other foraging books and have successfully completed my first foraged meal (Well, it's been a while [so I know it was a success ;)]).

The books I had, before I was just using them as an identification guide... brushing over the other bits... but my mind has been opened now to a whole new way of understanding the plants, and heck even all the other life on earth. Pattern based identification, being able to place plants in families even if you don't know the species itself is hugely advantages.

Foraged Dandelion, Bacon and a poached egg... Oh and some microwave new potatoes my mum had in the fridge that were going off! I'm not sure why she buys these kind of things, not really hard to boil a few potatoes add some butter and some diced herbs... I guess they were on offer
Creme Fraiche, Foraged Damson Plum Compote and Foraged Blackberry with my friends dads bees honey drizzled on top to take the edge away from the damsons plums.
Oh, and something I made earlier... Some elderflower champagne :)

Cheers again Fraser, your courses where very insightful and incentivising.

As for the post-moot meet, this sounds ace. I'll check if I am free! I think so.


Jun 26, 2008
Hmm, I wouldn't mind popping down for an hour or two just to say "hello" if I'm about? One of my rabbiting permissions is a mere stones throw away from that spot.
May 6, 2010
Hi all!

Got a choice of 2 sites now, need to check the latest one just offered to me by a fellow prepper, both in West Dorset.

Yes to all who asked if there's space, or your welcome etc.

I will send out the exact meet point location to those who PM me.

Both locations are a walk to get to camp, so please only bring what you can comfortable carry, I will have all the usually heavy stuff there already.

Just to recap - I will provide a meal Friday night and food to prep and cook for Saturday evening, either fish, shellfish, seaweed or game etc. (hopefully all - need to get up early and do some hunting!)

Both sites have trees and some clearings for hammock or tent, and debris shelters can be made for the inquisitive :)

If any one can play and bring instruments, please do, or any thing else for that matter, that will entertain!