bushcraft knife

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  1. P

    Sold Esee PR4 Camp-Lore bushcraft knife, Patrick Rollins design

    Esee PR4 Camp-Lore bushcraft knife, Patrick Rollins design . SOLD Includes The Knife Connection G10 very comfortable handles & Gunmetal Grey Kydex Sheath (original handle scales as well). Divot to allow the handle to act as a bearing block for a bow drill. Very comfortable handle for long hours...
  2. T

    For Sale Ben Orford Woodlander 4" English Yew Handle

    Ben Orford Woodlander 4" English Yew Handle 3.5mm blade Located in West Sussex £240 Posted, BT preferred Ben Orford Woodlander 4" English Yew Handle, green liners, Brand new boxed
  3. Peto

    For Sale Custom knife in D2 steel

    Handmade knife in D2 steel and ovangol handle. Blade thickness: 0.157" length: 4.64", width: 1.18", overall length: 9.25. The knife has a handmade custom made case from 4mm thick leather, with decorative element. Hardened on 59HRC. Professional work with lifetime guarantee. Price: 240GBP shipped...
  4. L

    Fallkniven A1 new and unused, need a quick sale!

    As the title states, this is a new and unused knife. A brand new knife, the knife itself has not been taken outside the confines of my home. It's a fantastic knife, I could go on and on about the quality however there is an abundance of information online about Fallkniven's manufacture process...
  5. C

    Ben Orford Eban Parang for sale

    Hello Again, decided to withdraw the Parang from Ebay due to your note on UK restrictions. It is available directly now at £240, please send me a note if you are interested. Shipping:£12 in France £15 elsewhere, payment via Paypal BEN ORFORD new never used EBAN PARANG Blade 10 inch Handle 6...
  6. Th3V1k1ng

    Russian AK 47 - kalashnikov bayonet with scabbard

    Russian AK 47 - kalashnikov bayonet with scabbard genuine army bayonet not a repro I have 2 in stock 1x £45 including p&p (proof your over 18 years old) sent via hermes tracked, traced and signed for
  7. Samon

    Svord peasant knives - let's see them!

    Cheap, sharp and pretty damn awesome. Svord peasant knives are fine tools that can be had for very little money and are also very easy to modify to your own liking. something I'm sure alot of us do. So, this thread is dedicated to them! Post your peasnat collection right here for all to see...
  8. Samon

    Hultafors heavy duty knife - rehandled! Picture heavy

    Started and finished this project today! it started life as this standard Hultafors Heavy duty knife.. Good knife, with a crude and not particularly sharp edge profile but with good steel, big handle and tough design. But, I paid £6 for this one so I could have a play rehandling it :) I...
  9. Samon

    Mora Classic #2 - Modified! WIP pictures!

    Afernoon all, I've been busy today modifying my Mora Classic #2 today! I got it a little while ago with intentions to change it to my liking as they come with great steel and a good starting point for light/heavy modding. This is how it came.. perfectly serviceable and razor sharp out the...
  10. MLL Knives

    (MLL KNIVES) - COMPANION KNIFE - A "O1" Adventure Companion.

    Hi everyone. A "O1" Adventure Companion. Specifications: "O1" high carbon steel, cork wood, Black/red vulcanized fiber liners, stainless steel pins, brown leather sheath. (230mm) 9.05" OAL. (120mm) 4.3/4" from handle to tip. (4mm) 5/32" thick. Price: €135,00 - Paypal. free...
  11. MLL Knives

    (MLL KNIVES) WILDLAND small machete (a tool for heavy work) SOLD

    Hello everyone. THE WILDLAND CUSTOM KNIFE The Wildland is a compact cutting tool, easy to carry and very useful for the hard work in the field, very sharp and because of its proper design has great cutting power. Features: Blade: O1 High Carbon Steel. Overall length: 10&#8243...
  12. Samon

    Another new knife!

    Yep, another cheap one at that! At £5.95 this heavy duty knife is pretty damn good! equal in quality to the Mora range but at a lower cost. I bought this with plans for a rehandle job around 5 weeks ago so it's techincally not new as such, but it was left unused until today. I've had a go on...
  13. Samon

    My new knife!

    Ordered this the other day as I wanted one to have a play with and maybe mod. I didn't know what to expect, but I thought it looked nice and we all know they make good knvies! :) It came razor sharp too which is good, and after playing with it for 2 hours or so in my badger proof fortess...
  14. geordienemisis

    My New blade made by Steve 111

    I have just traded this wonderful knife from Steve111 on here he is pretty new to this site. The knife is a spydie lookalike with Olive wood scales brass pins & a lanyard hole 01 steel with a scandi grind. feels lovely in the hand really well balanced, workmanship is of top quality as I would...
  15. MLL Knives

    EDC "Scout" - MLL Knives

    Hello everyone, I have a new set of "Scout" to sell, is a new series of 12 knives, have the blades with the heat treatment you can choose different types of finish, brushed steel, forged steel, dark oxide or epoxy coated finish. Specifications: "O1" steel, Smooth Convex Grind (the best...
  16. MLL Knives

    O1 camp knife - MLL Knives

    Hello everyone. Another very strong handmade utilitarian knife, very good for field work. Specifications: "O1" high carbon steel, High flat grind. Handle Mahogany wood. 9" (230mm) OAL. 4.1/5" (110mm) from grip to tip. 1.5/16" (33mm) wide. 5/32" (4mm) thick. Black or brown leather...
  17. MLL Knives

    MLL Knives - Countrified utilitarian knife

    Hello everyone. Countrified knife Specifications: "O1" high carbon steel, Gray oxide finish, Full convex grind, no second bevel edge. Handle (Quercus suber) wood. 9" (230mm) OAL. 4.1/5" (111mm) from grip to tip. 1.9/32" (32mm) wide. 5/32" (4mm) thick. Black leather sheath. The color patterns...
  18. Samon

    Condor Bushcraft Knives: cheap goodness?

    Hi gang, I've been looking at the 'Bushcraft' range produced by Condor lately and quite like the look of the 5" bladed version. It seesm to have a more pronounced tip/point than the other two and I hear good things about them across the web. Have any of you had any experience with this line of...
  19. savagebushcraft

    FOR SALE Large Bush/Survival Knife

    NOW SOLD Here I have a large bushcraft/survival knife and Kydex sheath, both handmade by myself. Knife 3/16" O1 Blade 165mm (6 1/2") Blade, 295mm (11 3/4") Overall 24º Scandi grind Olive Drab Micarta Scales 0.8mm High Impact Liners (Black) Alloy pins and lanyard tube Crisp 90º on spine...