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  1. D

    Berghaus Extrem Cyclops iii Quartz 65 + 10 Backpack

    PRICE DROP - £50 delivered to your door (UK mainland). Hi all, new member here! I have a Berghaus Extrem Cyclops iii Quartz 65 + 10 Backpack for sale. Its had very, very little use, just a 2 week trip to new Zealand as airline/campervan luggage, never used for any kind of backpacking. Red...
  2. D

    My time in the Dolly Sods wilderness in West Virginia, US. (Video trip report)

    Last year I went to the Dolly Sods wilderness in West Virginia in the US with my cousin. It was an absolutely stunning place. I had kept hearing about it on various forums, but was still blown away by how beautiful it was. I'm from an area in the US where it's mostly suburban developments and...
  3. theoctagon

    2014 TGO Challenge

    I've just finished putting together the first of 4 videos from my TGOC coast to coast crossing of Scotland, I thought a few on here may be interested in having a peak so here it is: For those wanting a little more info re route/the challenge etc I've added a...
  4. theoctagon

    Bank holiday weekend around Coniston

    A few clips from last weekend in the Southern Fells Bit of a write up here :) Matt
  5. theoctagon

    Backpacking Ben Lawers

    Just got back from a cracking weekend up in the snow in Scotland so I thought I'd share a couple of photo's and a video from my trip: Camp below Ben Lawers by @OutdoorsMH, on Flickr Sunrise from camp, Ben Lawers by @OutdoorsMH, on Flickr Not really a trip report...
  6. unijaw

    The Berghaus Crusader any thoughts to share?

    I'm seriously considering purchasing this rucksack it seems to be a safe purchase but I am unsure if I can find one in the store so might have to buy blind over the net. Does anyone have any thoughts on the Berghaus Crusader 90+20 crusader? From what I've gathered the Berghaus Vulcan appears...
  7. theoctagon

    First camp of 2013

    With a couple of days off work last week I finally had the chance to get out for my first wild camp of the new year. I decided to head to the Western Fells of the Lake District and had initially planned on a two night trip, unfortunately I needed to get some life admin done on my first day off...
  8. theoctagon

    A couple of days in the Lakes

    I've just got back from a couple of days in the Lake District so I thought I'd share a few words and photo's from my trip As you've probably guessed from the photo above the trip was a rather wet one! Due to the weather I didn't take as many photo's as I'd have liked but I managed to come...
  9. theoctagon

    DIY Tarp

    I've been thinking about heading out with just a tarp and bivi but after a quick trial run with my hammock tarp I decided I needed something a little smaller. I didn't really want to splash out on a new tarp as I'm not really sure how much use it will get, plus I quite like the idea of being...
  10. P

    TRail shoes for UL backpacking and day walks

    Are there any people on here who have stopped wearing boots and are now using trail or fell shoes? If so what do you wear? Any recommendations? Currently I have just killed my third pair of Walsh spirit peaks (the black with red details trail shoes). I've used Montrail Highlanders and innov8...
  11. Smith28

    Tent advice

    Hello chaps, I am in search of some help and advice. I'm trying to find a tent to use to go backpacking in Europe. Specifically it will be around Southern France/Northern Spain. It's not a winter expedition so I'm not too worried about getting a winter proof fortress. I'm looking for a tent...