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    They even provide spades to dig privvies. :) I'll be looking into these for my next UK trip.
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    Living primitive?

    Thank goodness the we got beyond the stone, iron and bronze age and have the luxury of choosing to live primitively. :)
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    A bit of handy cooking?

    Never cook if I am out for the day - it's usually something like bacon, cheese and sun dried tomatos wrapped in a corn tortilla for lunch. Has everyone come across ?
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    Any ounce weenies here?

    LOL yes - nothing like having to carry water to make you throw away needless weight.
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    Ray Mears on TV During January - LOTS!!!

    We consider it a pejorative. Actually, they don't seem to have a collective name for themselves, names are foisted on them while they seem to identify themselves by the two dialects they speak.
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    dartmoor boar attack

    Cute baby boar! There are animals making a come-back in the US also, like bears moving up from Mexico into the Chisos Mountains in Texas.
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    Ray Mears on TV During January - LOTS!!!

    That stuff about using skills that had vanished for thousands of years. Now that I have looked at the link: someone should send him on Leave No Trace so that when he slashes greenery the damage is not obvious, and the other is that my countrymen are not charmed by being called bushmen. I...
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    Ray Mears on TV During January - LOTS!!!

    You know, I may have been jumping the gun on Ray Mears, having only his own website by which to judge him, and perhaps I should see his programs before commenting. However, it's also a little like not having to eat an egg because you can smell it's bad. The point being NOT that Mears is...
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    Any ounce weenies here?

    Just 1,000 km ultralight without supply in the artic this past July with a big, superlight bag. if interested. Actually Texas isn't too bad for water, unless you are down around Big Bend. It's slogging through desert areas...
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    Ray Mears on TV During January - LOTS!!!

    I've never seen him but with all the buzz here I thought I should google and catch up, and :lmao: . Sorry all. Maybe it's because I've lived most of my life with "first nations" that I'm not impressed by claims of using skills vanished for 10,000 years in his corner of the world, or maybe its...
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    Then get into restoring/saving old photographs. .
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    what got you started?

    My dad would pile the whole family in the car and we would go bundu-bashing everywhere a car could go. In retrospect we probably went some pretty crazy places considering if things had gone wrong we could have been in deep pooh - like being stranded in the middle of the Namib desert - but...
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    Did Santa bring you any Bushcraft kit?

    Emotion Charger kayak, paddle, seat, leg straps. Hiking new ti stove, ti pot, 2 platypus, 2 packages of Just the Cheese (yum-yum), 2 stormproof notebooks. Gifted to myself a Contrail Tarptent. To stay in touch with my feminine side, hubby also delivered a gorgeous long chocolate wool coat that...
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    Malaria. Prevention or cure?

    If you are going to get malaria, then you will. Finished and klaar. Destiny. Fatalism. All that stuff. I'm African and while not living in a malaria area, lived within hours of one for a chunk of my life. My brother contracted malaria and was on proper medication, properly prescribed and...