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    Instant charcloth from a paper towel

    Haha I'm flattered that someone has found use from my videos :P If you want to light a tinder bundle I find that the best thing to do is to hold the glowing cloth in the tinder bundle without blowing on it to create a larger ember and then blow it into flames or the best thing I find is that if...
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    Wood-gas stove for developing countries

    I made one a few years ago, works well....instead of insulation I used a second tin to increase the Venturi effect.
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    ammo box forge.....DONE!!!!

    Very nice, I assume you have forced air added to the setup yes? :)
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    flint and sleel

    Any high carbon steel that has been hardened such as a file for example.
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    Woodgas, how does it work?

    Do you have any pics of your stove Karl? The BushBuddy/Cooker is a TLUD stove, It is lit at the top and the gas travels straight out the top of the combustion chamber and never enters the innerwall, the only reason of the 2 can design is to achieve the Venturi effect and force air into the...
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    making a knife on commision- step by step

    Very well done, top job :)
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    Spoon knife/ crooked knife

    Spoon knives have a curve for carving spoon bowls, crooked knives can vary for different tasks.
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    diy spoon knife

    I have and it's a very simple process, here's one of my own videos if that will help you :)
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    Cleaning pots after using on wood burning stove

    I just use charcoal from my fire...
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    The 2011 "Bucket List"

    Become a sailing instructor :)
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    2 films on at the cinema

    I've seen The Way Back and it is a brilliant film, there's also lots of interesting little Bushcrafty bits in it like using birch bark to start fires etc...
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    Mid range knife

    EKA have some nice knives :)
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    Whetstone prospecting

    Quality review there Robin and spot on :)
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    Got any snow yet?

    A few cms here in Ireland!