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    Shropshire Bushcraft Group

    Experience doesn't really matter - being interested in it is enough :) A favourite pastime of people with any bushcraft knowledge is to tell other people about it whether these other people wanted to know or not ;)
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    Hello from Shropshire

    yeah the 'group' page isn't visited much, and I can't work out how to get it to send me updates when it does Subscribing to the other thread is likely the best way to link up the Shroppies :)
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    Hello from Shropshire

    Hi Will, welcome to BCUK, from another resident of Shropshire :)
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    Fresh Hornbeam logs, what to do with it?

    I would try to split them along the length at least once, then seal the endgrain as half-rounds. (or saw if knotty) If left in the round log, hornbeam shrinks in circumference quite a bit during drying so will likely split with star shakes reducing how useful it might be. It's tough stuff...
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    Snowdon with snow and ice can be proper ice mountaineering and shouldn't be underestimated - the best forecast is the snowdonia mountain forecast : The warnings tab gives you the specifics, then the...
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    Binoculars: 8x or 10x?

    I use 8x30 zeiss binos for active out-and-about. They are light enough for me not to hesitate when deciding whether to lug them around or not. Its a compromise to have lenses less than 40 diameter, but I didn't want ones that were heavy so you decide not to take them. 8x is much much much nicer...
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    New to this

    Welcome to the forum :) That area isn't defined as open access by the map, so being where it is I would guess it might be council owned common land, which they may not be happy with campers on it to be honest. (image isn't showing on the forum but I copied the link in the image and pasted to a...
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    What's the best native wood

    I would probably vote hornbeam too, its fairly hard stuff. I think Boxwood would be the hardest native, but it is only available in small sections as it is usually a hedgerow size.
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    Brecon Beacons wild camping?

    They used to allow a semi-wild camp (i.e. no facilities) at LLech Llia (grid ref SN922193) but even that doesn't seem listed on the National Parks website any more so no idea if its still official. I have been to camping as a base for days in the Beacons - you can...
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    Need help making sit-pad

    I'm not sure how many glues will stick properly to polyurethane, but could consider using clear silicon - like the stuff you can seal around the edges when installing a bathtub or shower tray. It sticks to most things, remains flexible, and it waterproof :) I use a bit of old closed cell foam...
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    when did it all start ?

    I always liked being in the woods or the mountains, whether it was walks as a kid with parents, or when I was in the Scouts, and I guess that was the start without realising. When I realised an interest in bushcraft directly, it was born from a little book I bought in 1992 called 'The...
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    Some thoughts on the Scandinavian Grind

    Always interesting to read thoughts like this, similar stuff rolls around in my head too :D I tend to think of a scandi grind being a single bevel each side - that is no secondary / micro bevel at all. Straightforward sharpening method due to an easy to follow angle, but more metal to remove...
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    Pen Y Fan

    Glad you had a good day, it's a great place but like you said, can't hang around on the top on a windy day. Might be worth investing in some walking crampons / spikes for icy mountain footpaths though - they just strap over your boots and could potentially save your life :)
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    Whose poos?

    In my animal tracks and signs book none of the pictures really compare well, but the closest resemblance is the pine marten one. Though the second pics looks a bit too big for it.
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    buying your own woods

    The 'specialist' website based sales are often quite a bit more expensive per acre and they often say the price is not negotiable so you can't make offers unless its the asking price, which comes across as a bit of a fix to me. Check your local land and property agents too especially the ones...