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    Urban escape tents

    I've seen fairly decent tunnel tents squashed flat by cross-winds...
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    Fair game? Scotland's sporting estates BBC tv

    Was it any good? I was watching something about the Icelandic family sagas on BBC4... Why do they always put all the good stuff on at the same time?
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    How do I make a wooden tube/pipe?

    You could possibly burn the bore out with a hot poker, but it'll take a while...
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    Yeah, I'm the same. The 'leccy's covered in dust... Not up for taking my Taylor camping though. ;)
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    Scottish Travellers

    I'm guessing that would be Duncan Williamson - the book is The Horsieman. Very well reviewed, been sitting in my "in" pile for ages...
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    Sunburn and Prevention

    Yeah, if you don't wash very often, the resulting layer of sweat and grime makes for a pretty effective sunscreen. Not tested on animals, tested on hippies! ;)
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    A History of Celtic Britain BBC2 9:00 PM THURS

    Given the relative sophistication of the first episode, I would be extremely surprised if they don't. Don't pan it 'til you've seen it. ;)
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    A History of Celtic Britain BBC2 9:00 PM THURS

    Something that occurred to me about that, looking at the size of the tunnels... You know how youngish lads tend to compete in showing off at risky activities? Makes 'em perfect candidates for this sort of thing: "Get down there, you big Jesse - Bob dug out half a ton yesterday." I do wonder how...
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    Iron Age programme tonight

    Been looking forward to this one. Neil Oliver's always great, so to see him take on my favourite period of British history should be a treat! :)
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    What's your coffee set up?

    I'm usually a tea drinker, but for a luxury camp I'll take a stove-top espresso pot (aka "moka pot" or "macchinetta"). If it's not made under pressure, it's not proper coffee - I'd rather not bother. For the coffee itself, I've usually got "Durita Rebeldia" - organic Italian roast espresso from...
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    Lurch - your PM box is full

    A wee bit of advice on thermocouple selection would be handy too. ;) I see a lot of people talking about PT100s - is that what I should be looking at for this application? I'm a little worried that most of the PT100s I can find might not fit down my thermowell...
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    Lurch - your PM box is full

    There's a chap selling a few on eBay at the moment... (The model with one DC output and one mechanical relay - model hcjaaao​g.) Still not the cheapest PIDs going, but I worry that I'm not reading the specs right sometimes... I'm not really familiar with PIDs and I've heard a few stories...
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    Lurch - your PM box is full

    I was going to be a bit of a cheeky bugger and ask your opinion on one of these for fermentation temperature control... ;)
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    going feral

    Aye, fair enough... ;)
  15. gregorach

    going feral

    Ooooh, that's interesting... ;)