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  1. Aaron

    RM/Swazi Back 40 shirt

    Cor that looks like it has seen plenty of use :)
  2. Aaron

    A perfect bushcraft gun??

    Looks like a Blaser R93 to me (I've just spent the past fortnight sat around in tractor cabs waiting for combines to load me, with nothing but back issues of Sporting Rifle for company) Anyway it must be a very small larder if he handles his rifle around by the scope :eek:
  3. Aaron

    A perfect bushcraft gun??

  4. Aaron

    opinions on dog hunting?

    For those of you reading this who are interested in taking up fieldsports, particularly young people, I would implore you not to form an opinion on any form of hunting, particulalry that carried out with dogs, until you have actually spoken to someone first hand face-to-face who runs working...
  5. Aaron

    Intellectual betterment.

    Be honest, are you and the wife in fact Reed 'Mr Fantastic' Richards and Sue Storm from the Fantastic Four? Sorry to rumble your cover, I read far too many comic books. Must be my low IQ :p
  6. Aaron

    Trapping Predators - Birds Of Prey

    Fair enough Robin, I dont think that I thought my arguement through here properly, but my question as to whether the moorland that is currently managed for shooting would be as actively managed in its absence, i.e. if grouse shooting were to be banned tommorrow, still stands, I dont believe a...
  7. Aaron

    Trapping Predators - Birds Of Prey

    Then I would suggest that you go away and read a decent natural history book like A history of the countryside by Oliver Rackham who will explain much more eloquently than I can how the landscape of the British Isles is made up of habitats such as farmland, heathland coppice woodland to name but...
  8. Aaron

    Trapping Predators - Birds Of Prey

    Yep, thought so!
  9. Aaron

    Trapping Predators - Birds Of Prey

    I'm not sure he did know what he was doing, given that he was on National Trust land, not the most discrete location to be trapping and killing raptors, and secondly, he'd already had a pheasant he was using as a call bird go missing from the cage - as a gamekeeper myself, this would instantly...
  10. Aaron

    Barge Cement

    Yes please, please PM me your payment details. Thanks Aaron
  11. Aaron

    My first 22lr rifle - please help me choose

    Another thumbs up for the cz - the heavy 'varmint' barrel is a good choice for pest control and general shooting, as accurate as you need in a rimfire IMHO. If you're feeling a bit more flash with your cash look at an Anschultz 1517 or a Sako Quad
  12. Aaron

    Gun talk

    So, having taken the last 114 posts to agree on the distinction between a 'rifle' and a 'gun', what shall we discuss about firearms now? :rolleyes:
  13. Aaron

    Duluth Pack as a Decoy bag?

    I wouldnt bother, save your money and put it towards a decent scope, ammunition etc. I got one of these from bushwear, I dare say it would be perfectly good for decoying or for picking up, whatever you get up to shooting wise.
  14. Aaron

    Bushcrafting at an Airsoft site?

    Will trade one betamax video recorder, minus plug, in good used condition