Storm Waterproofing Wash In Cleaner and Wash In Heat Cure Waterproofing (ECO Proofer)

By John Fenna

Storm Waterproofing was founded in 2003 with the aim of producing cleaning, proofing and protective aftercare treatments to improve the performance of and prolong the life of outdoor gear.

As the company takes protecting the environment seriously, they are pleased to find that the chemistry behind their heat cure treatments is deemed (by Greenpeace) the safest aftercare product for the environment.

I am pleased to say that the Wash In Heat Cure Waterproofing DWR treatment is effective and longer lasting that some other treatments, keeps off water droplets and dirt well and does not obstruct the fabric’s original breathability to any noticeable degree, as well as giving a patented abrasion resistant finish.

Although I received twin 75ml tubs of the Storm Wash In Cleaner and Wash In Heat Cure Waterproofing (ECO Proofer), enough for a single treatment, you can get the two products separately in 300ml bottles and together in 300ml bottles and other packages, all in Storm’s wide range of cleaning and proofing products.

Washing your item and applying the proofing is cost effective and very straightforward – simply add the cleaner to the detergent drawer of your washing machine and the proofer to the conditioner drawer and run your machine on a programme suitable for the garment you want to treat, then tumble dry or iron the item to set the proofing.


I was aiming to replace the initial water shedding ability of a 100% cotton jacket, but the Storm Wash In Cleaner and Heat Cure Waterproofing (ECO Proofer) are suitable for all fabrics, including breathable waterproofs.

Once tumble dried, my jacket was rejuvenated with water beading up and running off the surface as it did when newly made. It was possible to force water past the DWR finish by rubbing it heavily – but this was true of the initial finish of the jacket – while the jacket retained its “cotton comfort” and breathability. There is no unpleasant smell to the Storm products.

As with other Storm Waterproofing products that I have tried, I have found that the Storm Wash In Cleaner and Wash In Heat Cure Waterproofing (ECO Proofer) to be easy and clean to apply, effective in performance and cost effective, while having minimal environmental impact.

As a result of its CO chemistry and PFC free status (it being one of the least environmentally damaging proofers available), the Wash In Heat Cure Proofing is being renamed the “ECO Proofer”. To avoid confusion I am providing pictures of both kinds of packaging.

The Wash In Heat Cure Proofing (ECO Proofer) and Cleaner are available in several packages, as follows:

ECO Proofer (Wash In – Heat Cure):
75ml at around £5.00
300ml @ £9.00

ECO Proofer (Trigger Spray – Heat Cure):
300ml at around £11.00

ECO Proofer & Cleaner (Twin Pack):
75ml at around £7.00
300ml at around £15.00

Textile Cleaner (Wash In):
75ml at around £3.00
300ml at around £6.00
1litre at around £10.00

Fabric Cleaner (Spray On):
75ml at around £4.50
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