What's the point in SAK saws?

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Jun 3, 2009
My Vic Huntsman had a hook next to the awl/stabber. I believe it to be a fish-hook disgorger, but I'm not sure how it works.
I suppose you could use it like a T-Bar. They rely on the wieght of the fish pulling the barb out. They work like this.
Hold the line not the fish. Hook the line below your hand into the hook. Pull the SAK sidewards untill the fishook locates into the SAK hook You can now invert the fish hook so that the fish is effectively hanging from the barb.A quick shake should release it.
This type of disgorger works best with bigger hooks and bigger bait and is usually used in sea fishing. I think if you did it on a carp lake you would get lynched!


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Apr 15, 2005
My Vic Huntsman had a hook next to the awl/stabber. I believe it to be a fish-hook disgorger, but I'm not sure how it works.
They are great for pulling the springs that hold two stroke motocross exhausts on:)

Bit like this but with a Swiss Champ instead of the spring puller.

This is the proper version. Bought my wife a Swiss Champ for a present and got access to a spring puller.
Like BR I have used mine for trimming out 2" thick hazel shoots for bent wood shelters, tripods, tent pegs, atlatl darts and throwers.

Also: I use mine to help sparking on my fire steel. Using the back edge of the saw blade I can "fluff up" a piece if phat wood; then trap the wood between your fire hearth and the tynes of the saw blade; then scrap your firesteel on the back edge of the saw blade, dropping sparks into your "fluff". With practice you will get a flame 1st time, every time! Put more tinder and dry kindling on quickly to get your fire going. I have found this to be a very relaible method of firelighting in all weathers. :D

I have one of the larger, locking SAKs (the "Outrider").

hope this helps


Sep 6, 2005
South Northants
... I guess it could also be pressed into service cutting bone when preparing food, though I have yet to try this.
SAK saws are great for parting the pelvis on muntjack and fallow. Makes butchering them, and removing the bladder+'pipework' intact from bucks easy.

If you're careful about the way you use it, you can use the saw to cut poles/logs up to twice as thick as the saw is long without problems.

I probably use the saw on my Ranger as often, if not more often than any other blade.
I just wish they were replaceable easily because whilst they can be re-sharpened they're a PITA to do.


Jan 14, 2010
Someone at our local airsoft site had snapped a branch off at eye height leaving a nice 6 inch spike, not good, especially when there's people running round not looking where they're going. 30 seconds with the sak saw, all sorted.


Jan 6, 2010
I use mine for cutting a length of wood to be the handle on my bow saw...:D

I have used the 91mm saw to cut a 5 inch diameter trunk on a felled tree in a forest. I cut enough of the way through by rotating it, that I could snap through the rest by elevating the end on a tree trunk and stamping.

In a bit,



Aug 19, 2007
Bradford, UK
As a yoof I chopped down several small trees with my SAK saw (sorry trees/land owners/passers-by/decent society -I knew no better)

Always seemed pretty sharp to me.