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Oct 4, 2003
Sittingbourne, Kent
I noticed at the Wilderness gathering how many of us had the same gear, even down to the same mobile phones, and wondered if we carry the same type & quantity of gear in particular conditions.
This week I spent three days on Dartmoor, in a large area of mixed woodland, the kit I used was as follows:
Ventile Windshirt
Swanndri Ranger shirt
Old North Cape Fleece
Woolly Hat
Army Lightweights
Canvas Gaiters
Miendl Borneo Boots
Wool Headover
Dutch Army Goretex Liner

Lightweight Basha
Twizzel Pegs
Home-made Hammock
OG Bivvy Bag
Survivor Summer Sleeping Bag
Therma-Rest Mat
W/bottle & Metal Mug
Coleman Billy Can
Coleman Micro Stove & Gas
Ortilebe Waterbag
Brew kit
Wooden Spoon
LED Head Torch
24in Bow Saw Blade
Gransfors SFA
Lapp Puuko
Sharpening Board & Crock Sticks
Homemade Bergen to carry it all in

The weather was continuous rain (it seemed) and daytime temp was averaging about 8oc (not that much colder at night), but this kit was ample to keep me warm, dry & entertained.
What kit do you carry at this time of year?


Sep 11, 2003
cheltenham, glos
hiya neil,

i suppose what works, works. the only thing i'd add really is the ullafrotte tops, sort of a high class norwegian style top, i've been really pleased with it so far.

impressed as i was with your hammock at the gathering, my knees don't like 'em. so the main significant difference is in the bed. i keep my sleeping bag with cut down kipmat in a goretex bivi. i sling the basha the wrong way round with the ridge across the short side, and sleep with the bivi bag sticking out from under the basha. it gives me a little more useable living space for cooking in the rain.

cheers, and.


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Oct 4, 2003
Sittingbourne, Kent
I gave up on ground dwelling ages ago, it leaves too much sign, everything gets wet (especially when it rains for three days solid) and I pick up less ticks (has anyone else noticed this problem is on the increase?). But each to his own.
How are your leather chaps? The Gathering was great, it would be good to do something like it again.


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Nov 4, 2003
neil dont suppose you would like to reveal where this woodland is and if it is open to anyone? i know of fernworthy and bellever but you probably know that they are mostly dark plantations. the woodland around burrator is better but i dont know if camping is allowed in there (probably not).

by the way im new to this site and would like to say hi to everyone
i hope to learn alot!

cheers gb


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Oct 4, 2003
Sittingbourne, Kent
This was mixed woodland, far better than the dark plantations. I use a couple of areas, that are quiet and little used, they are open to the public but not for camping, so I take great care to leave no trace of my passing.
I use a system not unlike the "eco-system" that is purveyed by Mr Mears (£240-rip off, if anyone is tempted to buy one, I'll make you one for half the price).