Walk in the woods

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Dec 25, 2019
I took a stroll through the local woods today, made remarkable by the river level and flooding. The raised path cut through the waters with the woodland either side looking like some kind of tranquil mangrove. It was just about passable. A vole was scurrying about the path completely unperturbed by passersby. I imagine it must have been in some distress to reveal itself in this way.

The pine forest higher up was extremely damp and I set myself the task of testing my homemade mini hobo stove with the smallest amount of wood I could collect. I tried the stove back home as there were too many people about in the forest. The twigs I collected were damp through but I shaved the bark and outer layer of each one. Among my foragings were two nice bits of fatwood which lit like candles and allowed the fire to take hold. Success. I enjoy the challenge of firefighting with poor materials. The stove itself sits on top of a cat stove to allow air intake through the base. The whole lot nests in the 900 ml pot along with a bottle of methanol and a ferrorod. Here it is in action:


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