Viking Village Meet - York - May 21st - 22nd 2016

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Anyone interested in another trip to the Viking Village May 21st - 22nd 2016?


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Got some going from around here but we could fit a few more.


Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
Good grief, but that's a blast from the past :)

It was a very good weekend though, and I thoroughly enjoyed the company :cool:

I would like to come down for this Gary :) I'll need to make new kit though. Footwear was a problem for me last time, iirc.

Good of you to organise this again :D



Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Apr 7, 2007
off grid somewhere else
Just showed Fi the picture her and the kids loved it unfortunately it is a little far from our part of wales but for those that do go have a great time oh and Hi from us all Bodge.,


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Feb 20, 2007
Question for such events. Does anybody find wearing glasses a problem when contact lenses aren't the solution. Of course they can be taken off for more or less formal photographs but would be needed for everyday living. Do they detract from the immersive experience for everyone or are they so much part of modern life that they are ignored?


Wearing glasses if needed is perfectly acceptable. It actually falls into an equal opportunities issue as far as I'm concerned. It is also a potential safety issue. As you suggest, the public usually overlook them anyway.

For this event in particular the emphasis is on the fact that we are bushcrafters, learning about Viking / Saxon life and costume requirements are not as stringent as those required by most living history groups. This means things like discreet modern footwear and spectacles are fine providing we explain to any public that we are not really "Vikings" etc.

You may notice our old dog on the first picture. The village is situated on a farming museum. There are livestock on site so dogs would need to be kept under control, on leads and normal clean up rules apply.


Jan 17, 2013
North of the southern wall.
what's the score with regards sleeping arrangements? Do we have to bring our own tents n kip in another field out of the way of the 'village'? or does everyone sleep in hardened accom?
Do we have to pay an entry fee ?
It'a a non show weekend affair, going by the morton park website?
Is there some kind of communal feast of an evening or we just fending for ourselves?

soz for the Q's but having done reenactment stuff in the past (ww2) it helps knowing what thy score is, logistics wise.


We can sleep in the village but you will need your own bedding which needs to be out of sight in the day if it is not authentic. ( There are lots of hiding places.)

We don't pay to be on the village but it is hoped that we will do something that will benefit the site, be it maintenance work on the buildings or demonstrating stuff to the public if they come by. We also sometimes leave a small donation to help with the running of the site, they are always working on a bit of a shoestring.

It has been suggested that we eat communally, I can handle the cooking, but that is not compulsory. Feel free to sort your own food out if you prefer.

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