Viking Village Meet - York - May 21st - 22nd 2016

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OK a few more details.

We should be able to move onto the Village after the kids have left on Friday afternoon \ evening, I'll check with Dave for more accurate timing.

Buildings will be allocated on a first come first served basis unless I receive any special requests before then.

The list I have so far is:

Wayland and Debs. (Sadly no Skadi any more...)
Redfox (Riam)
Mental Nurse (Carl)
David Taylor
James Parr
Toddy (Mary)
Dreadhead (Hamish)
MT606 (Mat and partner with dogs.)
ADz-1983 (Adam) TBC.

There should be room for all with some sharing.

I will prepare breakfast Saturday and Sunday and a meal on Saturday evening for the meat eaters. ( I can't do Vegetarian I'm afraid.) £10 per head should cover it if you want in for that (Let me know.)

Otherwise, most of the houses have hearths and out of hours we can use whatever cooking equipment we like so long as it is out of sight by day.

Like wise bedding. There is non provided on site so bring your own and hide it during the day. (There are usually hidey holes in most buildings.)

I will have some spare kit like tunics but some is already allocated. Inauthentic shoes are allowed on this occasion but try to keep them subtle. (No flashy trainers for example.) Spectacles are also allowed but try to remove them for photographs. Plain, loose trousers are usually fine under a tunic but jeans tend to look just like jeans.

Dogs must be kept on leads and under control unless in a secure building and normal cleaning up rules apply of course. ( There are livestock on site. )

We should have 24hr toilet and washing facilities.

Wood is precious and needed for the running of the site. Do not just raid the woodpiles, they are there for a reason. We need to bring our own or use charcoal for cooking.

There are usually lots of little maintenance jobs to do while we are there. Public may be wandering about and will be interested in what we are doing. Do not feel you have to be an expert on Vikings. They will be just as interested to hear that you are Bushcrafters just learning about Viking life. Send them to me if they want more Vikingy stuff.

Although it is not compulsory, the site always runs on a shoestring and it is nice if we can leave Dave a small donation when we leave. Drop it with me if you want to contribute.

We will be leaving the site by Sunday Evening.

If I think of anything else I will add it here. Not long to go now.
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Red Fox

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Dec 31, 2012
I am really looking forward to seeing you guy's and looking forward to learning more about are past thanks very much debs and Gary for helping me on my path to become a viking ha ha well a bushcraft viking.


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Apr 4, 2007

Don't know why it's side on but tryed some kit on today


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Aug 28, 2005
East Cheshire
I'm going to have to drop out. My wife's two weeks overdue so there's no way I can make it up even for the day. I was convinced the baby would be early like my first child but this one doesn't want to come out.

I've throughly enjoyed the research and kit making so hopefully I'll get another opportunity soon. My next two projects are going to be a plain Birka pattern pouch and some turnshoes.


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Jul 9, 2004
Rossendale, Lancashire
I really wish the middle lad and I could attend but we have family commitments that were arranged months ago and can't be put off. I hope you have a excellent time and maybe next year we can come. At least by then we should have a crop of as authentic as we can get veg and herbs to bring with us.

All the very best



Danelaw Site Rules.

Most of these are common sense and I'm sure I don't really need to tell you but for clarity and to avoid misunderstandings here we go anyway.

There is NO VEHICULAR ACCESS to the Village complex itself. Do not drive onto the village green or any of the soft tracks no matter what your vehicle is. The tracks are easily damaged and expensive or time consuming to repair.

No vehicles are allowed into the museum area between 10am and 4pm without specific permission from the site manager. Any vehicles parked overnight within the museum area ( ie. Beyond the white gates. ) must be moved to the car park area by 9:30am

The Village is a working site, staff need to hit the ground running on Monday morning and often set up the buildings at the end of the day on Friday. They will not have time to tidy up after us and they should not have to.

It is therefor very important that we leave the buildings exactly as we find them. Furniture and fittings in place, clean and tidy. If in doubt take a picture on your smart phone when you arrive and check it when you leave.

All the buildings are "owned" and maintained by someone. Do not make permanent alterations to any structure without checking with a staff member first.

There are toilet facilities available for us over the weekend but once again, we should leave them as we find them. Tidy up after yourself and we will not end up wasting time cleaning the toilet block before we leave.

There is livestock on the site, some of them rare breeds, so dogs must be kept on a lead and under control at all times. There is an area by the Roman Fort that they may be exercised in out of public hours but normal rules about responsibility and cleaning up apply across the entire site.

The museum has to pay commercial rates for garbage disposal so try not to add to this cost and please take your rubbish home with you. The site has no facility for disposal of bottles so they definitely go home with you.

The piles of firewood found around the village are needed for the day to day running of the site. Please do not disturb them. We need to provide our own fuel for cooking / heating the houses.

Fires need to be kept small and under control, no large fires as they endanger the entire site and are unnecessary anyway. A small fire soon heats up the buildings.

For similar and obvious reasons, candles and oil lamps must be carefully situated away from flammable materials and set in a non flammable container.

Inauthentic bedding, bags and modern equipment must be stored out of sight during public hours. It would be nice for our own enjoyment if this was extended into private hours as far as possible as well. Exceptions to this rule are spectacles and similar items which may be needed for equal access and safety.

In our case, as we are a "Bushcraft Group" not aspiring to full authenticity, discreet modern footwear is permitted and plain looking trousers may be worn under a tunic.

When dealing with the public, always be polite and courteous. Do not try to pretend you are a "Viking" you are a modern person, part of a group learning about the Vikings. Do not try to bluff your way through or give misleading information. Most of the public will be just as interested to learn what you are doing as anything else.

We do not always know who we are talking to or what their level of knowledge is. We are in a city full of archaeologists and historians, pretending you know it all is a very fast way to fall flat on your face. If someone needs more information than you have available, send them to me.

Sharp or dangerous tools must not be left where the public can access them. Jobs like chopping wood must be kept well away from them too. Always assess the risks of the activity you are engaging in and think again if the public turn up. Ambulance chasing lawyers are only ever a phone call away.

Certain site "props" such as the longship are there to be seen and not for climbing over. Respect roped off areas and also the "fields" as there may be delicate crops planted there.

These rules are not definitive and may be added to at any time as required. Treat the site with respect and we should have no problems.

We are being allowed to use the site as a personal favour. We are not charged for it's use as many other groups are. It is nice however, if we can leave a donation to say thank you for this privilege. This is voluntary and if you would like to contribute, please see me at some point over the weekend before we leave.

Debs and I should be there from early Friday afternoon until the end of day Sunday.

We we will sort out accommodation in the buildings as people arrive.

Lets have a good weekend.
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