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Black Sheep
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  • Hi Rich,
    How would you fancy running this site If I can get someone else to run it with you? I don't feel up to it at the moment and as time goes on I will feel even less like doing it.
    Pleasure getting to know you over the weekend fella.
    Ill be in touch soon about that sheath.
    Hi Dave,

    Glad you like the sheath, if you do a search under Sandbender's profile he did a tutorial on how to string one up.

    My makers mark comes from the picture I used for my Avatar, the name came from my favorite ale - Black sheep bewery.


    Good morning Rich.

    The neck sheath arrived this morning, and I must say it's great, never used one befor so looking forward to getting out to see how i get on with.

    Your makers mark cracks me up, how did you decide on it?

    Again thank you.

    David S.
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