Ultralight Kit List

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Feb 20, 2016
I did see an artic expedition try to save weight. One thing they did was cut unused items from there kit

ie washing labels and spare buttons unused draw strings and extra flaps of over hang material ect

Ditch the GPS for a (cut down) map and compass. the extra skill required to navigate correctly may add a new and enjoyable dimension to your trips.

from the comments above you seem reluctant to loose any of the items on your list so your only option now is to try and make the kit you have lighter or to replace it with a lighter alternative but that level of weight saving kit will be expensive
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Apr 16, 2009
I was going to ask a question about cook kit, but the OP hasn't even been in for a look.

Last activity...25th March. I don't really do lite equipment, but a section within BCUK for ultralighters might work?
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Just a quick add on to my original post...

Scrutinising your kit list further...

Your base weight (pack weight minus consumables - food, water, fuel) is 4.8Kg - or 10.5lbs. This puts you well under a "light" base weight of 20lbs and only half a pound above being in the "ultralight" class.

After that you're into the 'sawing your toothbrush in half' territory.

Incidentally, what rucksack do you have which weighs less than half a pound?


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Jun 12, 2007
From a quick skim through I can see a saving on....

Electronics, do away with the kindle and gps, get a smartphone that does the lot

Sleep, do away with the pillow and use clothing in a stuff sack, and depending on your size, go DD superlight hammock

And mayby a map and compass inasce to battrey go flat.


Dec 30, 2012
If your taking a kindle and a GPS what do you use your iPhone for? Can't you take a lighter cheap phone

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Feb 10, 2016
Grand Cayman, Norway, Sweden
Ditch the Electronics, get a map and a compass.
Not sure about the trovel. Planning to dig for archeology?
I am very fond of ONE shirt and several T-shirts.
I like a thick flannel shirt. The T-shirts are always worn under, this way the flannel shirts is kept cleaner for longer.

I see you have a serious back problem, just like me. Have you tried the hammock of the net-only style? Lighter!
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