Spring cleaning


White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
Anyone taking the opportunity to have a spring clean at home, I see that SCOMAN is in his thread about cleaning the man cave

I was just thinking that for many people this is an ideal opportunity to clean some stuff up and some other stuff out. Some of you know that we got flooded mid Feb, we're still cleaning up from that, a bit each day, it's been a great opportunity to clear a load of chaff out as well, we've got a huge stack of stuff that's waiting for the tip to open again...
Still got a fair bit of my workshop to do still, I lost a lathe and a bench saw. Because i've been pulling stuff out though I pulled out my big 6" planer and spent a few hours cleaning it up to sell.

I've found quite a few things that I'd forgotten about or thought lost so it's nice to have them again. I do realise though how much stuff I can actually do without and I just clutter the space when I should be more selective on what I procure...