For Sale Some kiridashis

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Bushcrafter through and through
Nov 29, 2003
A batch of kiridashis.

A - Textured finish to the flats and big loop tail - Eighteen pounds posted.

B & C - Twenty pounds posted each

D - It got rusty on the bevel in storage but I've ground it back to clean metal. There's some left over patina there that will go over time as sharpened but didn't want to waste steel so priced at seventeen pounds posted.

E - Twisted tail to make a loop - Eighteen pounds posted

F - Woodmill saw blade. Tried to keep the blade tooth in place but it detached in heat treat. Looks good and is comfy though!! - Eighteen pounds posted



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Nov 4, 2019
West London
Hoping I can get your attention, please check your 'offering heat treatment services thread'. Thanks. Also sent you a message via your website.