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  1. K

    Finding Wild camping Spots

    Hi all. As my username suggests I’m in Kent. I was wondering how people go about finding local spots to wild camp or even getting permission to go onto farmland woods? Any helpful advice and info is much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. L

    Responsible Wild Camping (Herts)

    Hello, I'm preparing to undertake some wild camping/camping, either solo or with my partner and son. I've tried finding landowners with decent sized plots, preferably away from main roads/heavily used footpaths, to no avail though, unfortunately. We're not particularly keen on the idea of using...
  3. J

    North east bushcraft woodland areas

    I'm wondering if people know great spots to practise bushcraft but also have overnighters. i have my normal places to go but want to discover new places.
  4. I

    Kent meet ups

    hi does anyone know of any Kent based meet ups or knowledge of the area?
  5. tracker1972

    Campervan in the woods.

    I asked a while ago (but possibly in the wrong place) about camping, in the woods, but with a campervan. Kids love it (based on many, many happy trips to Tackeroo at Cannock Chase) my wife loves it, and so do I. Would love to camp in a large enough tent but basically my wife isn't quite as...
  6. DonnyOutdoors

    Our Woodland Shelter

    In May 2013 we had an idea to build a woodland shelter, as a base to practice bushcraft. We found a great secluded woodland which we'd visited a few times before and began the build. The design was just improvised on the day, and it turned out to be quite a large shelter. Over the months we...
  7. ADz-1983

    My First Traditional(ish) Outing (19.10.13)

    Some pics of myself and Kit's (copper_head) traditional style overnighter :) This was my first try at a more traditional style outing and loved it. It made a big change from using all my modern gear/setups etc and gave a whole different experience and I loved it! Don't get me wrong, I...
  8. coastal survival

    Foraging for mushrooms and cooking course - 1 day - 26th October - Near Chepstow.

    Foraging for mushrooms and cooking course - 1 day - 26th October - Near Chepstow. Looking good for mushrooms this year, we are running a day course foraging for mushrooms and cooking what we find, a wild woodland risotto is on the cards, with a selection of wild foraged herb teas and what ever...
  9. G

    Wild Camping Woodland

    Does anyone know of anywhere in the south of England people can go wild camping and practice their bushcraft including making a wild fire? The seems to be nowhere for people to go. I am seriously thinking of buying some woodland and making it available to people... Any takers? GM
  10. basicbushcraft


    anyone up for a trip to my woodland in Aberdeenshire
  11. R

    This mushroom has me stumped..

    This mushroom appeared overnight and I have gone through several books and have no idea. It is growing in a derelict 500 year old hedge with Hawthorn, Elder, Ash and other herbaceous species. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The cap is slimy, scent is non descript, the slime seems...
  12. N

    Looking for Woodland to run Nature-Based Activities in North West or North Wales Area

    Hi all, I am a psychotherapist/counsellor who personally has had a life-long interest in nature and outdoor skills. I'd like to combine my professional and personal interests to run nature based therapy workshops. Nature based therapies are proving to be remarkably effective for common...