Regrets? What would you do differently

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Nov 17, 2014
Poole, Dorset. UK
As the topic seems to have become more of a life lessons discussion, I'll add my 2p.
I've had think through this with my teenage daughter recently. As the whole study/college/uni/life was seeming a bit overwhelming.
The best advice I could come up with was:

Be flexible. Setting your heart on one thing, will leave you disappointed. Just aim in the right direction and see where it takes you.

There is always a way. If one path is closed to you, just find another.

Do the job that is in front of you. In our case, that is to study for the exams that are coming up. Then deal with the next step. Otherwise you will get overwhelmed by it all.

Life has a way of happening to you. Some good, some bad. If you deal with the problems early and in a sensible way, they can reduced to an inconvenience. If you have the right experience/qualifications/attitude, you can take full advantage of opertunities, when they come along.

You only get one go at life. So make it count.
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