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I bought myself a decent non stick frying pan for my sub zero cookset a few days ago, which is great but the only thing lacking was a lid.

So I ordered a sheet of aluminium off the Bay and peened over the edges to make this. Took me back to my days working in the armoury which was nice.

Just gave it a waxed string handle so it packs nicely.

Pot lids like this are so useful.

Not only do they make cooking much more efficient at low temperatures but they can also be used for straining liquids and keeping spindrift out of your pots which helps a lot if you are storing stuff in them overnight.

I made this so it would fit the largest billy-can I use as well so I now have lids for whichever two pots I am using.


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Jan 28, 2017
Nicely done! I think it makes a frying pan much more useful to have a lid with it, it's always useful having tools that are not just one trick ponies.

Can I ask what frying pan you went for? Need a decent one for similar things myself! Thanks


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Sep 27, 2005
Oxfordshire and Pyrenees-Orientales, France
As well as the benefits of life that you list, I find a lid also useful for keeping fat splatters off my campervan stove. Not having your metalwork skills I bought a lid with draining holders in a French supermarket. It has outlasted several fryingpans. Finding frying pans to fit the lid is my problem now.
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