Pocket carry munchies

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Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
It's been funny shopping online for foodstuffs instead of going to the shops myself.
Our household is vegetarian, and one of us is lactose intolerant and another is gluten sensitive, so lock down could have been very difficult.
Thankfully my pantry was well plenished and we've managed fine, well, once Dove's Farm decided to skip the chancers buying up the GF flour in the supermarkets and selling it at ten times cost on eBay, and supplied catering sized packs to folks.

I have found some really excellent suppliers though :)

One was Real Food Source. Based in Falkirk they supply whole foods, like nuts and dried fruits.
Today's deliver was mostly mango products.
Dried mango slices ....2kgs thereof .....and we're already guzzling :rolleyes2: and wee eco packs of mango balls, with coconut. Himself is very pleased :)
He's just said that a handful of the dried mango in his pocket and it'd be brilliant when out for a walk.
So, good stuff :)
Happy to recommend.
The wee mango and coconut balls are very tasty, and Himself's already well into the pack.
I think I might buy a selection and put them into folks Christmas parcels instead of yet more chocolate stuff.
It gets a tad ridiculous when we're still eating Christmas chocolate and Easter eggs are due too.

What else is good to stuff in a pocket for a munchy when out though ? I like nuts, but a lot of folks teeth won't deal with nuts.
I like to forage, but sometimes something easy to hand just suits.

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Jan 18, 2009
Mid Wales
When I was doing serious backpacking I worked on the principle that the only thing my body needed before I made camp was energy, so I would carry dextrose tablets and munch on those. When I played rugby I would eat half a packet before a match and half a packet at half time! - probably not to be recommended :)

These days I'm happy to just munch on anything remotely sweet and worry about health when I get home.


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Nov 6, 2008
Babybel- The cheese with a useful outer.

Raisins in chocolate.

Biscuits AB. :)

Need to try that recipe for a more healthy flapjack.

Never tried Pemmican - is there a modern version?


Aug 24, 2009
i tend to get almonds when on special offer in lidl, which is quite frequently
mango and especially dates from home bargains, they are very good value

skittles from just after halloween, 5p a bag!

but my daily muchy tends to be biscoff from piundland, 18x packets of 2 biscuits for £1
helps prevent serial munching
and mini packets of lovehearts from home bargains, almost liek small packets of glucose sweets.

also home made protein bars using protein powder...
oh and sultana cake, travels very well as slightly rubbery so doesnt crumble.
but fruitcake even better
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Jul 18, 2021
I always have cheese, and sometimes pistachios. And kits kats in the winter. Not in the summer though as melted choc is icky.


Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
I quite like kelp. We used to chew the stalks of the stuff when we were kids down at the shore, like chewing on a stalk of rhubarb, except not tangy, just sort of salty/make your mouth water, sort of. Hard to describe.
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Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
Serious Hudson's Bay Company Canadian pemmican is 1/2 dried and pounded out bison meat mixed with 1/2 rendered bison backstrap fat. Nothing else, despite what Google University may tell you. The annual quota for Rocky Mountain House was 44,000 lbs pemmican and they made that up in NINE days in 60-90lb bison hide bags.

I've made a couple of kg. Bison is 5 minutes from my house. You really need to be on death's door from starvation to countenance that stuff.

A day's grouse hunting?
One or two precut apples in a plakky bag. Same for a serious handful of cheese strips. Curried pecans or walnuts if there's any left.
Dried Roma tomatoes, dried Anaheim and green pepper rings.
Nice idea but nothing even potentially mucky like fresh strawberries or a peach.

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