Original Petzl Tikka ?

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Jul 2, 2008
Morning I've found my Old Petzl Tikka 3 L.E.D 26 Lumen headtorch with the Red Flip Up Filters, I know Blast from the past and where it's been sort of stored ''lol'' the 2 Slots for the Headband are Cracked, Does anybody Have 1 of the Band Attachments which are removeable from the Torch Unit that they want to part with or can you buy just this part?.
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Oct 6, 2003
Not sure what the difference is between the Original Tikka with three LED and the Tikka +. There are Tikka+ attachments for sale...


Whole thing for Tikka +
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Mar 5, 2018
There was a time when Petzl had problems with the plastic quality.
A relatively short time, and they fixed the problem.
Nowadays some models are European made, some elsewhere and I guess they had the quality problems when they started the production in Asia.

I would contact Petzl directly and ask them what they can offer you.
The pieces that broke in your case shouldn't break, although it's a relatively cheap and old lamp of course.
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