Nessmuk / Mountain Man knife review

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Sep 4, 2005
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I think that knife is far to big to be considered a Nessmuk knife. The Nessmuk knife has a very thin blade, very light weight, and not really suitable for chopping.The Nessmuk is primarily a skinning and slicing knife.
The knife pictured is more akin to the Hudsons Bay Camp Knife. A good heavy duty tool, but not a Nessmuk knife.
Is this the ultimate buskcraft knife? I think this knife would be a good camp knife for Alaska, Canada and the Rocky Mountains, but for an English bushcarft/spoon carving camp I would say no,

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Dec 30, 2005
Well you did ask and I'm guessing this is one of your own knives....


I like the leather tooling - very competent


The carving on the handle is very neatly done and quite unusual


I find the blade shape more "Mountain Man" than "Nessmuk" as beowulf says. Not my taste certainly - I'm not fond of the shape or the grind to be honest but I'm sure it will appeal more to the US market.

I do understand the work that goes into a custom knife - theres a thread around here of the latest custom I commissioned - this also had a heavily tooled sheath and a lot of hand engraving on bolster, bolt heads etc. The reason that I bring that knife up was purely as a comparison as its truly the best example of the cutlers art I have ever handled - when I can commission a knife for a fraction of the $1,250 the "Wiseman Nessmuk" cost I'd have to say I say that the Wiseman is not my ideal Bushcrafter knife.

The fella who bought the knife is a respected outdoorsman / mountain climber who's spent much time in Tibet and climbed all over the world.
He's purchased several high end commissioned knives off of various makers but had not found the ultimate bush knife he was looking for.

His review is well written and insightful and he knows what he is talking about. "The Wiseman" is his ultimate bush knife, and this thread is about his review.


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