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  • It was brilliant thanks :) I'm currently cutting down my thousands of photographs to a more manageable number...best bits for me were bivvying up by a tarn and swimming in a mountain stream.
    Great that the work is still there anyways :) I've just got a job...2, actually. Starting tomorrow: programming and pharmaceutical retail (it's a long story!). Spent this week up the mountains in Snowdonia with Mr Lenton and my li'l sis, so feelin' refreshed now and ready to go.
    Ah well, I like quiet-night-in parties too. You take your slippers, a good book and a mug of hot cocoa and sit around a fire together reading and possibly eating hot buttered crumpets or roasted chestnuts. :)

    Sorry to hear about the dementia - that really is hard to deal with. Distressing to all involved.

    Well, here's wishing you a happy new year! Hope 2010 is a good one.
    Subdued? Well, 'tis good to be with family anyway. I guess your gran must be quite an age now? Mine is 83 and grandpa is 87, both deaf.
    Hey - nice to hear from you whenever :) Got my clan gathering still whooping it up at the moment. Some of 'em have come back from Cambodia for the year and will be away again in a few short months.
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