Mini rocket stoves

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Jamie N

Oct 11, 2012
I made a small rocket stove from 2" box section steel in an 'L' shape with a separator in the horizontal section to separate air flow and fuel feed. It worked well enough to boil water - eventually - but required almost constant attention (blowing air through a tube) and the flame burned only orange. I then built another one, this time with an insulated double wall chimney and this was more or less impossible to keep alight even when encouraged with blowing air and adding white spirit. Perhaps this was because of the reduced fire chamber size resulting from the insulation layer. I am unable to find a video or any evidence of this type of stove working effectively. Has anyone actually seen a small rocket stove work effectively or should I conclude that they are useless?


Full Member
Mar 29, 2016
I did the same thing, L shape stove out of box section. I too had trouble getting it going and keeping it going.

I drilled some holes to draw air at the side, but was not much of a notable improvement. I'll take a few pictures to show what I did, and really I need to give it another go


Bushcrafter through and through
Nov 29, 2003
Not just me then! :D

I made mine out of 3” square box section, about 4’ tall. Maybe 4” section for the bottom part. Played at having a through draught part and a wood feeding part.

Good as a distraction and welding practice but I was definitely disappointed!

Woody girl

Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Mar 31, 2018
I know of someone who makes them near me, I think the chimney section needs to be quite a lot taller than the burn chamber to provide draw, but I'm no expert having never made or used one.
His name is Dean, and he comes to the wilderness gathering most years . His business is called meadow forge and he is based near Tiverton in Devon. A quick Google will find him and a phone number, where you could contact him for advice on dimensions etc. Hes a realy nice chap. I'm sure he would be willing to advise and trouble shoot .
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Nov 6, 2008
I'm tempted to make a Rocket Stove that can fit into an Ammunition can - Its not a small .50 Cal Ammo box but a nice an chunky 40mm Party-Starter ammunition case measuring :-
  • H:26cm, W:16cm, L:47cm

I'm going to have to take a look into if there IS an optimal calculation for air draw vs chimney height - ( I can't see the fuel chamber making a difference )

SOME of the designs i've been perving over do seem to have a secondary air vent to the rear of the burn chamber.


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May 29, 2011
Hey. I love a good rocket stove, always makes me feel that I'm cheating using one for boiling water. I recently backed a folding one on KS, might be worth a look for design inspiration. It's called the firetower by arnaud.

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