'Look What I've Found' meals - boil in the bag???

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May 15, 2008
Had the Koma Chicken.
Really liked it. Lovely aroma when opened, nice hit of coconut on first spoonful and then a real creamy follow up. There was a spicy ( not hot ) background and the chicken was moist. I don’t order korma normally as prefer a more spiced dish but will gladly have some of some one else’s when in company. This tasted as if it had been made up to a standard rather than down to a price. Had it along with couscous ( easier than rice) . Have got two more and looking forward to them.

One down side was the extra stick on labels ( ingredients and so), meant I did not use the boiling water for tea.

Not a complete meal but a really good base for one. Also not high in calories but as oil is the smallest ingredient, what calories you get are tasty ones.


Apr 27, 2007
Only just spotted the coloured water comment. Eek! I was going to say that I boil the 'Look What we found' in a Swedish/German type billy and use the water for tea but could as easily simultaneouly cook pasta, or pre-made powdered dumplings from the German deli - perhaps Polish too. Now I'm going to test for colour leeching