It's too hot.

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Nov 18, 2020
Phew !!! After a very hot day (friday) when the temp. tickled the 35°C & with a gas mk 3 breeze, a thunderstorm passed during the night, not enough rain to wet the ground but it change the air mass & we've been in a very comfortable 23°C or so since. The downside is it's quite dull & cloudy. Looking at the long term weather forecast, it's set to remain pretty similar at least until the end of the month. It is decidedly, the coolest & most sunless summer we have ever had here.(been here since '93)
Not really surprising, there aren't a lot of tourists around this year & the Brits are noticable by their absence, even those who own houses in the area haven't been seen for over a year (their gardens are getting very over grown ) It's sad to think some may never come back again, with the 'whazzit' & Brexit, things have gotten rather complicated. The end of an era.
For me, anything over 25C is too hot.
i prefer warmer climates as i've been cold too often for my liking growing up (which i why i moved to a tropical location); i also have the problem that i feel cold when i'm not moving but overheat quickly when i'm active in colder places which means permanently putting on clothes/taking them off...
hottest temperature i know i experienced was 48°C in the shade(we were out in the sun...) with 80% humidity picking melons during the "build-up" (=beginning of wet season in northern Australia) in Kununurra --a friend of mine had 52°C one day...
the last few days have been crazy rain here -- currently our area is somewhat cut off as a large tree floating downriver rammed and damaged the bridge over the coastal highway which is the only road - and i'm afraid i'm growing gills and webbed feet soon...

Robson Valley

Full Member
Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
Makes me think of Neville Shute's "In The Wet."
July is normally the month of greatest precip in our year. Hard to find a day dry enough to pure' the grass. Not this summer. Passing showers since the heat dome delivered maybe 15mm rain. And it will be August, soon enough.

I don't mind what many inexperienced people would call a severe cold winter.
I don't look forward to it but I'm well fed and watered and warm to do wood carving until spring.
I'm really well-dressed for it and so is my GMC Suburban.
I like going outside when it's +25C. Shirtsleeve weather we call it. Easy living.


Oct 22, 2020
Yeesh, it has been blooming hot.

Went up to my mums the other day and the thermometer in the window in the sun was reading 39 degrees (North Devon this!) Moved it into the centre of the room out if the sun and it dropped to 28 but still hot.

Worst part at our place is that we sleep on the top floor and as our room is incorporated into the roof of the building as well it just gets unbearably hot at night. Had to sleep downstairs on the sofa just to hide from oppressive heat.

During the day I can deal with it, you hop around shade to shade or just deal with the heat outdoors with a very minor breeze, but bed time... Just unbearable.

Robson Valley

Full Member
Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
Run a night-time fan at floor level. That is the coolest air in your house.
Temperatures are measured inside a standardized louvered white wooden box called a Stevenson Screen.

In the sun here, I can see 50-60C to cook a dog's feet in 5 minutes or less.
Mind you, the hottest I have measured here in the shade was 47C.
We might have touched 30C @ 4PM today, I was not paying attention.

My afternoon west side, the entire side of my house, is covered with grape vines for shade. Good for 7-10C in the main west side kitchen.

I sold started grape vine clones , 2/$5.00. 4 vines, 10' apart and 5 years and you have tabouleh and dolmades. Did I forget to mention the grapes?

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