Insect Netting for Hammock GROUP BUY

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After the success of the Hammock and Tarp Group Buys the only parts of the set up missing are the rings, tapes and the insect netting. The rings and tapes have really been covered elsewhere and there was no real saving to be had in a group buy. The netting however is quite expensive.

So to this end I contacted Scotmas who have recently taken over the company that made the Ecosystem. Unfortunately they do not still have the patterns or specs for the netting but they can make a netting set up to suit. I have sent them a hammock with the Eco System Insect Netting attached as well as a copy of the Eco System DVD to give them the info they required. They are confident that they can make a net to suit. It will be broadly similar to the Eco System but will be slightly longer (150mm) at my request. The minimum order will be 50 but obviousley more than that is fine.

At the moment this is all slightly provisional as it is going to take a few weeks to get the exact pattern and materials sorted out and therefore a prce.

The reason for this early announcement is that those who have recently bought hammocks may be going to rush out and get netting. This is to let them know that it might be worth waiting a couple of weeks. Since the midgie season is passed a few weeks delay should do no harm.

So if you are considering insect netting for a hammock then keep an eye on this thread as it is where I will anounce prices etc when I have them. Also remember this netting will also be able to be used with most other types of hammock as well, not just the Group Buy ones.
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Aug 15, 2005
Nice one John, you can expect at least one order from me!

I take it that these will suit the group buy hammocks perfectly then?

If no one has ever said it before John, you are one hell of a team player! Thanks for the hard work and dedication you obviously put into these!


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Oct 17, 2005
I would love some netting for mine........Would it be fine netting that would keep out the Highland Midge................Jon


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Sep 15, 2005
Good point Jon - mozzie netting is not the same as midge netting. Assuming it's midge netting, I'd be interested in one for my DD hammock.


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Nov 29, 2003
Good work, John. You should have set up Magikelly Hammocks plc and sold complete outfits!

I would be interested too. I have seen cheap mosi nets for £10-£20 but they were white (so harder to see through) and of suspect quality. Would be interesrted to see what you come up with, and unless anyone is planning on a southern hemisphere trip, there is no rush.

Angus Og

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Nov 6, 2004
Go then out me down for one, possibly two depending on the price and if any of the other people I got hammocks for want any.


Making memories since '67
I am happy for you all to post your interest and it is helpful to give an idea of numbers but I will only start to take confirmed orders once I have a price etc. So do not feel that you are committed at this stage, nor will you be excluded if you have not posted an interest.
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