I.d assistance on a recently found Flint tool

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Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
No, she was producing colloidal silver, not ionic silver.

I did scoff because she refused to believe that argyria was an issue at all. Despite there still being a living very elderly lady in the next town who was grey/blue from ingesting colloidal silver in her youth.
I believe she did a three week training course on how to produce the cs, how to maintain her generator, and how to administer the stuff. An expensive outlay in time and money.

As to the rest, well, we teach children to look for the agenda behind the propaganda/ advertising.

If someone is selling something, pushing it for their financial gain, it behoves anyone else to actually look at the whole picture. Not just the pluses but the negatives too.

I believe my friend fell into the trap of having spent the money of not looking at the whole picture, and the internet is a cesspit of advertising and hyped claims.

Pre anti-biotics silver dressings were a very good thing. In these days of concern over resistance of some bacteria to antibiotics, silver dressings are again being considered among the panoply of materials available.

Ingesting it though it another thing entirely.

From my personal experience, I have and have used some of the plasters, but to be honest I found them no more effective than elastoplast.
Piptoporus betulina though, that worked :).....but then, we just peel that off the tree, and no one sells it or profits from it.
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