I am new to the site and are there any crafters from Hampshire UK

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I am looking to make some new friends who are not afraid to venture away from the confnes of a dwelling and who are not fearful of covid.....I love to see the random flashes of nature whilst walking or cycling. I have a tent and a hammock and a tarp for light travel. Sleeping bag or fully clothed as sleeping after a long trek is easy! Resonsible around fire making, refuse after a cooking/snacking, seeking permission to have a fire if needed, basic orienteering and tracking if required, drawing and recognition of flora/fauna, want to become better at flint knapping, interested in woodwork and basic carving, knots, many other facets of living on the land in a more harmonious manner. I am in my early forties and hope to meet a good crowd of genuine Outdoors people near me as reasonably possible or within travelling distance. Look forward to hearing from you soon
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Hello and thank you for your welcome message.
How are you?
I have had 4 days 3 nights of sailing experience, i sailed a 50ft boat called the Tectona from Portsmouth, around lands end
into the Celtic Sea and into the Harbour of Milford Haven 6 years ago with a crew of 16.
That was an inspirational experience with some dangerous weather and big waves! Clip in and wear that life jacket. I would like to try wind surfing or sail a smaller boat someday. I do like the rivers and lakes when I go camping and since spring this year I have rekindled my passion for the outdoors

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