Hypothetical Kit lists to go with kit pledge

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May 2, 2007
poo do we have to do food as well

Part of what Sam's doing is using the exercise to think about what he's taking, why he's taking it and what he wants and expects from his kit choices ~ sticking stuff down on the forum pins it into reality for him to come back to and see how or whether his ideas (wants) matched up to the realities of his trips (needs).

As an example, If you're boiling and roasting at a Meet then a Dutch Oven might be the order of the day ~ but if you're frying two slices of bacon does it warrant hauling a griddle or frying pan around, or could you make use of the DO lid?
Part of what Sam's doing is using the exercise to think about what he's taking, why he's taking it and what he wants and expects from his kit choices ~ sticking stuff down on the forum pins it into reality for him to come back to and see how or whether his ideas (wants) matched up to the realities of his trips (needs).

Spot on Phil.
its actually turning into quite a challenge for me personally to really consider what i want/need/expect my kit to do.
It will also hopefully encourage more use of skills and improvisation rather than reliance on kit for me
as an example using your bacon one, why even take a DO and use the lid if i can make a couple of skewers and hang the bacon over fire on them? not fried but still tasty but a simple improvisation which is as effective but weighs less


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Jan 18, 2009
Dark side of the Moon
Sam its looking good, for me i would cut down the cooking kit, but then again it depends on what food your cooking, boil in the bag type now worries, but fresh stews etc you may need more.i would also cut out the plate, mugs and kfs, you have a pocket knife for cutting food if needed and the spork should do anyway, your food could be eaten from the cooking pot, and as you said above use a stick to help cook with if needed, i always make a spatula and or rough spoon, you could replace a metal/plastic mug with an ammo pouch style mug/flask it would serve better in winter and especially if your walking trips.apart from that its the same as my kit, but my bergan etc etc is issue, oh and i carry some cyalumes (chemical lights) just in case (and yes i have used them in an emergency when Jamie broke his leg..:) )....lookin good though mate, and again horses for courses mate...;)regards.chris.
Cheers buddy.
Som of the items may not always be included in every pack out.hence a selection of cooking kit and cutlery. If i'm going for niglight and far ranging it will be crusader mug spork and boil in bag. Slower and working on skills in fixed camp it'll be biger pots to cook stews and rice etc in
Ever tried eating a steak out of mess tins with a spork? (you probably have now just t stuff up my logic!) not the most civilised way to do it. But i will have a rethink.
This is why its titled hypothetical kit list at the moment so i can reassess before i commit totally to the list.
All suggestions are gratefully received and are being considered. Tis why i posted this so i can get the benefit of everyone else's experiences and opinions.


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Sep 4, 2009
uk mainly in the Midlands though
I like the idea Sam, I have some bits of kit that come every trip, but for me to refine my kit to two possible kits may take me a lot of head scratching (I know I have to much kit) also for me every time I go out I try different things and have have had the same set up twice some times it weight issues, some times skills, some time weather and always a good old relaxing camp as well.

I do have a base kit for most of the year but not all parts of it are used (sometimes I carry extra kit) mainly to do with sleeping and cooking options but I always have my honey stove and a trangia burner with it and my light weight treklight hammock although they are not always used, I still have them because they are both light and take up hardly any room.


Jun 17, 2008
Mudgee, NSW
Hi Man of Tanith,

Just my 'off the cuff thoughts' - no need to take them too seriously, and they may even be of use: If I've understood your comments correctly, your list represents a kind of 'store room of equipment', from which you will pick items to suit the intended trip? Unless you actually break it down into separate hypothetical winter & summer kit lists its a little hard for other people to comment on. For example, do you intend to take both a phoon and a spork on a summer trip or will you pick one or the other? Will you be taking both hexi blocks and meths as fuel or will it be one or the other? See what I mean?

If you simply listed a hypothetical kit list, (rather than a list of items from which you will choose), and it still included both phoon and spork, then maybe I could comment that you are unnecessarily doubling up on gear, but as the list currently stands, it's hard to tell what your intention is.

Do you really need to take handwarmers? Will you not be able to light a fire or just put your hands in your pockets, or use warm water in your waterbottle, etc, etc.

There are much lighter alternatives to the steel water bottle. You won't be needing it to boil water in either, since you have so many other items of metal cookware.

Another method which may help you to pare down the list is to get it to a point where you are roughly happy with it, and then set yourself the task of removing 10 items, (or 5 or 15 or whatever.) You will still be left with a long list of kit, but it will be 10 items less in weight. Example: Do you really need the phone charger? (Or even the phone for that matter). Just turn the phone on for emergency use. Of course, if you're the sort of person who can't do without a phone, then you match your priorities of kit to suit your own wants and needs. If you succeed in deleting 10 items, repeat the process and try and delete another 5 or 3 until you feel that you absolutely couldn't do without the remaining bits of kit on your trip.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm teaching you to suck eggs here, but I don't know what your level of experience is, and it sounds as if you are struggling to reduce your load. Certainly no offence meant.
hi Aussiepom
the hypothetical list is pretty much set up as I thought to make sense
it's also all I have to choose fromfor the entire year.
the bits you mentioning shall respond to
spork and phoon- I would take both I'm a little ocd about eating with a different utensil to what i cooked with too many years sorting underfoot hygiene laws I'm afraid so I would take both.
hadwarmers- I could light a fire in some places but not everywhere nd often use them more as a sleeping bag warmer cause I am a sissy and like my comfort :)
metal water bottle weight isn't an issue to me I don't trek miles at a time. in the UK at the moment it's approx minus five degrees a metal water bottle copes better being out next to a fire to thaw than plastic one! (learnt that lesson!)
the idea behind the hypothetical kit list was for folks to comment so no offence taken.
not struggling to lighten load but to have a load out to cover almost every eventuality I come across
ps phone charger- a toddler and elderly and infirm grandparents mean I feel I'd need the phone on to be contacted in an emergency...
hope it makes sense its a bit early here

Albus Culter

Jan 14, 2013
West Yorkshire
Nice. Does highlight how much great kit you have and that if you have a choice in any category, then how much spare kit you have as well. Always very useful but makes choosing one hard to do.
How do you find the outdoors axe? Was so tempted on the campcraft course to buy one, but could not afford it or justify it. Was envious of Mark dropping his roll of £50s and buying all the shinny stuff :)
Did save up and got a wildlife axe head and then handled it myself. Not perfect so will try to do this again one day. Just cannot destroy the first one yet :)
outdoors axe- possibly my favourite axe. to extent I only have the small forest axe from course and that.
more often than not I choose the outdoor axe. it's small but it really punches above its weight.
took it on bowyers course last summer and performed as well as the other folks SFA's.
only really use SFA when it's winter or I have specific woodworking plans.
on sayin that I have felled ash trees with the outdoor axe. it just takes a little while longer.
so much kit choice can blur everything together one of my intentions behind this kit pledge is focusing on what is essential and what is desired

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