Hunting catapults, Work sharp - tool sharpener + various for Trade!

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Mar 24, 2011

Few more bits for swaps. In no particular order..

Hunting catapults: One large ttf in green high density plastic, as new with bands. One laminate otf wood in camo green, used. One laminate ttf, unused and ready to paint etc this one takes tubes and old school rubber too. Also a little hazel one I made n the fly in the woods for fun.

Plus! A band making clamping tool, two lengths of theraband gold (approx 5 feet) with scraps for band tieing, 5 foot of black practice elastic, unused band set and pre cut band set. Aswell as a leather shot pouch and a handful of lead shot. I can do as much shot as you may want as I cast my own. Trade value £80

Original and boxed Work sharp knife & tool electric sharpener with two packs of belts , manual and how to dvd. In good condition and only used a few times. Great bit of kit for those who aren't as able to sharpen on a stone, or those sharpening swords etc. New here for £115 Trade value £70

Old Webley hurrican .22 air pistol. Works great but is missing the sights and fore-end. Chrono'd at gun shop 4.8ft/lb. In used and obvious condition but does shoot fine. I got it ina trade as a project for summer but have so muhc on my hands atm I don't have time. Trade value £35

British ww2? brass parraffin stove. In good contion for age and was functioning last year when I played with it. This is the rare older version, not to be confused with the green painted steel body version that ws produced later. Trade value £30

Next to it is an old brass parraffin blow torch/lamp by Monitor.I found it in a barn years ago but have nevre used it. Trade value.. £10?

Old leather army machete sheath, looks like it'll fit a bolo or latin style machete. Trade value £8

Any questions please feel free to ask, I can tkae more pictures if you need them.

Trade wise I'd be interested in..

shooting gear: crossbows, airguns and related stuff
knives: traditional, modern, military, bayonets etc. open to all kinds as I like variety
tools: axes, billhooks and machetes of all types considered aswell as other cutting tools
ex police/army: riot shields, helmets & armour and leather items such as backpacks, pouches etc
vintage leathers: waistcoats, jackets and belts

Plus any curious and oddities you may have as I'm a junk hunter.. ;)

thanks for looking, I have more items here:



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Mar 24, 2011
If anyone is interested in a single catapult or piece of related gear just let me know.

Open to offers :)


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Mar 24, 2011
Will the sheath fit a martindale machete would you consider splitting the catties I would give you a swap for the green one.

Hey, yeah I think the sheath would fit a Martindale nicely. And I can split the catapults if you're interested.

Pm me with what you have in mind! Cheers


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Mar 26, 2014
Interested in the catapult stuff. I’ll pm you tomorrow as I’m away currently.

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Feb 21, 2007
North Yorks
I have a cometa .22 air rifle with sight and case that I would be interested in swapping for the worksharp. Was over £200 when bought.