How to carry oil?

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Nov 16, 2019
Vantaa, Finland
Rapeseed oil can replace palm oil if temps are lowered a little and helps even further if it is buffered against oxidizing.

The only normally available vegetable oil that has even some chances of being suitable for protecting is coconut oil and even that goes rancid though very slowly. Some waxes might be suitable if plant based protector is wanted.

There have been lately circulating ideas about gelled oils for food production, when something comes available that might be a somewhat easier to transport alternative.
Jul 30, 2012
Are pop bottles more rugged than oil bottles? Buying a 250ml bottle of oil, and using it and refilling seems the obvious plastic bottle choice. Though think I'd be zip locking bagging it once or twice.
Nope they are tougher than your meths bottle and the top is more secure, about 200ml the kids ones, usually something like Bonzo cola or snappy pop. Do not drink the contents, they are highly poisonous.
Jul 30, 2012
Really? If so, how comes people from Spain, Portugal, south France etc.etc. live so old? they use a lot of huile d'olive, Olive oil, raw with fish, salads etc and in frying pans to bake. you really see a lot of old people there...
Probably because their weather is so much better, I mean if you can grow an olive tree you are not likely to die from pneumonia now are you.

Also there is the research into rna replication in aging and the food you eat. The harder you have to work the faster you replicate your cells, colder countries mean harder work and more food for your cells, everytime your cells replicate the rna is broken down until it fails, this leading to the wall of age that no matter how long you live you become frail at about 75 to 80, and it is also the reason that cancer afflicts such a large number of people mostly over 65, it is a fairly new phenomenon. If we only lived to 55 still like shakespeares time few would get cancer.

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Jul 6, 2016
I take a block of butter. I store it in a metal i think swiss or swedish or some other country army surplus butter/cheese dish.
Its quite a clever little thing really the inside is lined with pkastic and the outside metal, it does a great job keeping it cool even when the weathers quite warm.

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Feb 17, 2018
Seconder for coconut oil. I use it. I store it in a tupperwear box with a click-on lid.

On long journeys I've carried a ltr of olive oil in a Nalgene bottle. Never had a problem. Come to think of it, I suppose any water bottle will do.....

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Apr 27, 2005
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Really? If so, how comes people from Spain, Portugal, south France etc.etc. live so old? they use a lot of huile d'olive, Olive oil, raw with fish, salads etc and in frying pans to bake. you really see a lot of old people there...
Yeah, the actual article is talking about vegetable oil and then recommends Olive, Coconut, butter or lard. This is a known thing to do with oils and highest cooking temperatures. I think coconut oil is best or second best.

The way to live a long time seems to be eat local and be social.


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Jan 21, 2021
For oil I use 500ml plastic alcohol bottle with screw top. If it holds cognac, it will hold oil too. And bottle itself is lightweight.


Dec 30, 2019
Carrying oil, I remember carrying oil once in the form of a builders bucket full of hydraulic oil in the passenger foot well of a Fiesta van.To learn all about careful driving.

Fortunately it was a Sunday morning and I only had to travel a mile from the site compound to the shaft. Shaft as in shaft sunk for tunnelling where we used a couple of buckets of hydraulic oil in transferring transits taken above ground into the tunnel so the tunnelling laser could be set up to tell the miners which way to dig.

How I came to be transporting one bucket was to replace a bucket that got spilled when the wire handle came off whilst descending the ladder into the shaft

Sorry not what you wanted to know, but questions invoke memories.


Sep 29, 2012
Vegetable suet is dry and does not need a bottle. It renders down well.

For liquid oil, I like something rugged so I use an aluminium or stainless steel water bottle. You can get small 300ml ones up to 1l

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