Hilleberg Bivanorak .. any views?

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Nov 23, 2017
Ive had one for about 5 years. Got for a specific purpose (static stalking when raining), which has already been mentioned.
For my application its ideal for lying for 8-10 hours on wet heather in the rain, sitting in a high-seat or medic post for similar time-frames. Very waterproof. Top to toe, while still able to use arms and legs, unlike a bivi!
Very versatile too.
On solo treks/jobs I replace an emergency shelter with it, perfect for brew ups on the move.
While breathable, Ive found it way to hot to wear as a jacket in summertime showers or "warm rain". Fine in other seasons.
Especially good winter over delicate down clothing.
One size "fits all" and if youre a wee fella/lass can be a bit flappy in strong winds as a jacket. I wear a velcro cumberbund belt to secure.
As a sleep system for bushcraft, lie out in the rain on wet ground like a bivy if you must, but like a bivy its better with a tarp or as Janne says "shelter" as normal bushcraft camps. Fine as a damp proof layer in hammock.
Ive found its easier putting bivanorak on top of mat rather than have mat inside, especially if youre a restless sleeper.
Its possible to get into/out of sleeping bag when raining (including set up) without getting bag and clothes soaked.
Its big enough to unpack sleeping bag by sitting down wearing bivanorak with arms inside (as per design) and then set out and get in and out fairly easily.
Its very long and unless youre 6foot6 plus, you can get gear and boots inside at the bottom and close the drawcord which is more effective than it looks.
As others have said. Its , top- nob Hilleberg military issue and is robust.......but not as robust as an army issue bivi, but has lots of other attributes. An ideal all-rounder and by taking it (at a not insignificant 750g) its a certainty you can cut out something else in your pack due to its versatility. Experiment with it!
It packs into its own bag but can be compressed further to about a 1litre drysack size.
Im pleased I bought mine and its had HARD use.
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Nov 23, 2017
We are all different in heat Erbewurst.
I found it fine to mid 25s on rough moorland moving quickly
Sauna any higher temperature (30c+) or working hard. eg climbing
That was with it in "long jacket" configuration.
Its relatively easy to vent with big front zip and the arms are retractable.
and jacket can be shortened.
I have used in Siberian temperatures and New zealand heat
For me its more suited to colder climates....but hey, thats what it was designed for!
Meant to mention above, its easy to change clothes and layers standing inside
the garment without getting wet
Hope that is of some help
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Nov 23, 2017
Can you unzip the lower end, up to your knees, and poke your lower legs out and walk?
The zip goes to about the waist. As a jacket the desired length is adjusted by the bottom securing drawcord. So you wouldnt unzip it but move drawcord. But to answer the essential question janne, YES you can draw up to knees and walk. Thats how I use it most. So great for working around wet woodland camp.


Aug 30, 2015
One has to keep in mind what it was designed for when thinking about how to use it. It was designed as a survival shelter for downed pilots.