Help for Heroes

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Oct 6, 2005
tyne and wear
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Myself and another member from here Sparks, are embarking on a long haul trip in March 23th/24th/25th/26th.
We are planning to do the Hadrian's Wall walk
We aim to do the 84 mile trek over a period of 4 days @ 22 miles a day.
Spending the nights bivied down at the end of a hard days slog.
Carrying all our supplies and shelter.
We are going to do this for Help For Heroes.
We have managed to buy, beg, borrow and steal most things we need.
Hope you guys will help and support us for this trip and a great charity.
All the best Alan and Adam.
We would also like to thank those who have helped us
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Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
Can't see it being a problem Spoony :D
Run it past Tony as a courtesy, and the best of luck with it all :approve:
It's a cause very important to a lot of folks on the forum.



Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jan 18, 2009
Dark side of the Moon
i was going to do this untill i had to go away to Afghanastan.......

i was going to do it 2 times up and down in 4 days... again for h4h....

all the best mate and a very goo cause.........


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jan 18, 2009
Dark side of the Moon
spooney try emailing maxi muscle they might give some carb drinks and water bottles and the like....... i got quite a bit from them when i did my 186 miles in 5 days with 15kg.....

i walked the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path south to north it was good phis and realy enjoyed the area beautiful views.......

im sure you will get the same as i did and gutted i cant do it.......

still, going to do Yorkshire 3 peaks 1 day when i get back, if the weather is not realy bad lol.....

also give Just Giving a look on the internet its an aproved safe web site for donations.. you can put pic and blog on there to and all the normal web stuff i dont realy

anyway all the best mate.......chris.....