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  • It would seem your reply got posted on your own profile page, oops. I am glad you all had a wonderfull time up here :) wish I could have joined you.
    I am under medical investigation for my heart and have doctor (and dvla) oders not to ride my bike till they so, this has been since June :(
    I have managed to keep busy though, I am on a wonderfull bushcraft instructor course down in West sussex so i spend a lot of time travelling (on trains grrrr) but all is well for the most part :)
    Aww no! Whats wrong with you? or the bike? When I came over to Southerness the other month we had a lovely time. About 38 of us turned up to stay at the caravan site. On the run out organised for the Saturday, I led my group up to New Galloway and then down Queens Way to Newton Stewart, before we headed to the Isle of Whithorn for lunch. Some lovely areas to camp out along that road (Queens Way), especially around Clatteringshaws Loch. Have you managed to get out much, either on the bike or to camp?
    Hello, hello!
    I cant remember now, unfortunately I am still not allowed to ride my motorbike :( rather gutted about that but i definately will once i get the all cleer
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