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  • Hi there .. looking around for mods for my polish lavvu after seen Simon a bloke in woods video.. and come accross you page .. just a quick question about how much would it be fora similar mod as his especially the for a stove .. regards Andy Revell
    Hi John,

    I just happened upon your Brownlee Pond Meet post while looking for any bushcraft enthusiasts nearby, I am new to this site & I'm pleased to see others in south lanarkshire getting out in the winter. If I'm right I think you were describing mauldlsie bridge where I used to fly fish quite alot, I did a little one nighter with my bivi in mauldlsie wood a week or so ago, -11 has its advantages as no one was around so the place felt a million miles from anywhere, nae midges as well. I'm 22 & live in Hamilton, I've got an old rusty land rover & I do a fair bit of Wild camping, bushcraft & canoeing in any weather but I don't know of anyone nearby who is mental enough to be into the same thing.
    So I'm just putting my name out there & if you or a group of fellow bushcrafters are planning any trips near or far & you wouldn't mind an extra body along give me a shout as I'm always up for meeting new people & getting out of the town.

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