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Jul 3, 2015
Hi guys and girls, joined these forums to seek some advice on a personal project but I thought I'd take the time to introduce myself :)
My names Dan and have been involved in Scouting since I was 8 years old and am currently a Cub Scout Leader for the 9th Gosport Scout Group. I believe that the skills learned in Scouting greatly benefit a person throughout their life.
I am very much an old school style leader - I try and teach the kids by doing, rather than them read it out of a book (or watch it on TV). I try to pass on my knowledge of knots, map reading, backwoods cooking, and various other skills I learned as a young Scout - but unless it involves a games console, many of them are not interested.
In my 25 years Scouting, I have seen many changes - some good, some not so good. But with these changes, some things stay the same, the same basic principles and skills BP taught to a bunch of lads he took to camp on Brownsea island over 100 years ago.
But I am always keen to learn more - I recognise my flaws and know I don't know everything. I am keen to learn more about bushcraft and be able to pass that knowledge on to the younger generation currently making their way through beavers, cubs and scouts.