Four-Way pocket Tool Kit?

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Forest fella

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Jul 2, 2008
have just found my Grand Father's four-way tool kit, it's in a light brown leather fold out pouch and it contains a pen knife handle that with no pieces in, And then the 4 Tools in separate sleeve's within the pouch, there's a Can / Bottle Opener, Philips screw driver a Flat head screw driver and a small blade, the weird thing is that they Hook into the knife handle 1 item at a time / meaning the handle only accepts 1 tool.
I'm sure they were probably cheap old style multi-tools?. But the flat head screw driver is broken at the hook end and the Blade is not the original 1 it's a small swiss army style so it can't be fitted into the handle.
Anyone seen / heard of this type of set-up.
as I'm thinking of getting it repaired for a better keepsake.
Pic's added in a minute.
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Mar 29, 2016
Awaiting the pictures, but yes I have heard of this sort of tool. Does it have an hour glass shape fitting that locks it into the handle?

I bought something similar about 20 years ago for my father, his was a three blade kit, with a gerenal use blade, filleting blade and saw/bread knife, with a bottle opener.
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