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I usually carry a first aid kit when working outdoors but it may not always be immediately obvious where it is located.

I'm not a fan of carrying too much on my belt and my FAK is just a little larger than I would be comfortable with having there, especially as my external belts when kitted for cold conditions tend to be woven.

More than likely it will be in my bag but thinking about the visibility issue prompted me to make this today.

The tag is leather of course but the cross panel is bright glow in the dark vinyl.

I'll attach it to the FAK with a bright cord (better than this one) and it can hang on the outside of whichever bag the kit is in.

Just follow the cord, or even pull on it, and there should be the kit. Simple enough I think.


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Apr 16, 2009
What a nice way of solving a problem. I tend to attach Firefly tritium markers to kit I may need in a hurry after dark, like a torch, but that’s both practical and attractive. How long does the glow last? I find some lose their glow after a couple of hours and some (like the exit markers on ships) last all night. Albeit quite dim after several hours.
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It's pretty persistent. If it is dark and your night vision is properly adapted they stay bright in comparison.

I use the same stuff to mark my tripod legs when I'm doing night photography so I don't kick the legs by accident.

It's self adhesive stuff for signs and there's loads of uses for the stuff.

The idea is that it is no just a marker like a tritium fob but that it is clear what it is a marker for
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Jan 19, 2004
Brilliant idea Gary
I will have have to nick that one if i may?
where did you get the GITD tape? is it H&S builder suppliers type stuff?