Farewell chaps,

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Retired Member southey

M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Jun 4, 2006
your house!

I just wanted to say cheerio, I have not been enjoying my time here of late for what ever reason, so I have decided to leave you guys before I say something that I would feel bad about:D

I have had great fun here and would like to thank most of you(you know who you are) for your conversation, ideas, help, support and most of all a few of you have been good enough to become my friends( I shall annoy you on other means:cool:)

This site has been a great help on my way to getting my dream job, Cheers chaps and I am sure I will see a few of you around:rolleyes::D to any one who wants to work in this field then get out there and hammer the skills, learn how to talk to people, and don't be afraid of rejection! after all, by the looks of some of you I am sure your used to it:D:p:D

If anyone does want to contact me for any reason then please PM Man Of Tanith incessantly as he knows where to find me (not the LA Underground)

Many thanks chaps,

take care and remember to HAVE FUN!



Anyone for sailing?
Mar 5, 2008
~Hemel Hempstead~
I'm really sorry to hear this Dave but I do understand some of the reasons that made you come to this decision... :(

We'll be keeping in touch :)


Bushcrafter through and through
May 11, 2007
Pontypool, Wales, Uk
Yeah, that's a shame, but best of luck, and thanks for all the posts - you contributed a huge amount to the best forum on the web.

We'll still be here if you decide to drop by.


Full Member
Jan 19, 2010
Hey southey with an e.its a shame,your posts and comments make me chuckle.I've had the pleasure of meeting you and found you a knowledgeable chap who was happy to show and guide others.hope to see you in the woods again someday.all the best with your future career.

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