Dublin is to Dubliners a dear ould dirty town - BUT - where are you ?

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Oct 21, 2011
N Ireland
Co Armagh, not much bushcrafty stuff going on here. Own a paintball site in Newry though so bits of firestarting and clearing vegetation go on from time to time, not to mention staying warm in the winter ;)

Main interests lie in kit and clothing. When the kids are a bit bigger we'll get up the mournes a fair bit. 10 months, 2 and a half and 4 are a bit young yet ;)


Nov 25, 2004
West of Ireland
Co. Galway, over in the Wesht! Have a tiny "wood" on family land, which I am supplementing (planted 80 trees so far this year), but spend more time there growing the woodland than playing in it. It's good enough for a one night bivvy from time to time. Also just go to the local Co. Council parks, especially with the scouts.