Digital vernier guage on ebay for £12.50

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No connection with the seller at all, except I bought one of his guages, after seeing the one my mate Paul had bought. They're really good.

Quality piece of kit it is too, not your dodgy Draper/B&Q type tool either. Come in a protective plastic case and a spare battery. Nice big numbers so you don't need to squint.

You can find it on ebay HERE

It may say 6inch but that's the width of the jaws opening so it's actually about 9inch long. Has Metric/Imperial option, depth guage spike, a zeroing button, auto turn off after a while and auto turn ON as you move the slide.

Was well pleased with it once I got my hands on it to play with. handy for you crafty people, or for those who want to impressive visitors if you leave it on the coffee table, as they'll think you're a rocket scientist and feel intimidated.

Drives women wild too.... apparently.

Anyway thought you might be interested.

Thanks for reading

Retired Member southey

M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Jun 4, 2006
your house!
That's exactly the same model we used for tolerance testing on Helicopters. (albeit after going away for certified calibration) very good kit, and sturdy too. great find matey.


Jun 26, 2008
My old dial calipers from my apprenticeship days failed calibration last year - the jaws are a bit bent.
Might look into this. Cheers.