Crayfish trapping licence

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I was out by the river today and was talking to a guy who was crayfishing. He said I could apply for a licence from the post office for £15 (or there abouts(im 16)) and he had got one but from what I have read here and elsewhere, is this just a rod licence and not legal for crayfishing? He had bought 2 traps which he caught about 80 a day in and today he was placing 2 traps he had made out of plastic bottles. However one of his bought traps had snapped its line a week ago and he hadnt found it (it was in quite deep water) but he said if I swim down and get it I could have it (will go back with some goggles tomorrow). Is it legal for me to keep the contents of this trap, ie. do you need a licence to set the trap only? Is this the wrong sort of licence?


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Nov 6, 2008
Anyone had recent success with obtaining a Cray fish License?

And can anyone point me in the right direction for an updated map of where Crayfish population is on UK map please.



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Hiya TeeDee, getting a license isn't difficult at all (I'll admit theyre a bit slow at getting you in the system for your first one though), but you have to find your own crayfish spot which is a pain. I could never find a map of crayfish population of any age for any area or even nationally. Unless someone has made one in the last 6 months, I'll be impressed if you find a map.

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