Carving a simple Wood Spirit

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the interceptor boy

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Mar 12, 2008
I carved my very first wood spirit blindfolded after reasons this article and it is now soaking in walnut oil.sorry no pic because I am using my phone and have forgotten how to post picture on Photobucket and don't hav a pc either. thanks very Soar and if u r going to the moot I show u my modest piece of carving, taken a few hours and will be attempting another one at the moot. thanks for sharing. cheers the interceptor boy


Dec 7, 2011
Is ash the best wood to use or can you use any? Also does it have to be a fresh cut branch? Is it legal to find a tree ie ash and cut off a small branch?


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Jul 24, 2009
West Midlands UK
hi LD in the absence of soar i'll jump in here, yes just about any wood will do. green wood is easier to carve though, unless you have access to some perhaps have a word with your local farmer, arborist company, your only talking thumb size have a wander around or just have a go with your leylandii :)


Dec 7, 2009
Blair, Nebraska U.S.A.
Thanks for the tutorial ole hoss, I've been wanting to try this for a while and now I have the blueprint. We have a lot of white ash growing here in Nebraska and I make trips up to South Dakota quite often and they have ash there as well so my supply is good. Thanks again and keep whitlin'

The Warrior

Mar 6, 2012
Illinois, USA
Very nice work. Here's my first. I used a little Becker BK13 Remora to carve it:

Here's another I did on a small homemade bead. not the best, but very small. I carved it with the blade on a Gerber Artifact:

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Apr 17, 2012
Brilliant! Do you have much luck selling these mate? I can carve a bit myself. Just looking for other ways to make some income really, but I do enjoy doing it. Hard times financially, but it's a bit of a blessing in disguise, it's gotten me out of my comfort zone and looking at things I put on hold for years. Making me adapt and I like it now haha I like losing my job. Never thought I'd say that haha

I've got a few nice pieces of oak and a bundle of 2" wild rose stems, that are dry now. Do you think anyone would be interested in buying walking sticks made of wild rose or ornamental owls/spirits carved from Oak and has anyone got any idea of how much I could get for things like that? Is it a viable option for a full time thing? :) Need some new carving tools though, but £1 sounds good to me haha

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